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    Default Need advice regarding CTI & CSS - please help

    My Husband & I have visited Jamaica the last two years. Both times we have stayed at CN and loved it. It feels like home. We figure this coming summer maybe the last time for a while that we will get to go back. So we thought to go for longer this time, maybe 10 days. That way we could spend half the time at CN (like going home) but also spend the other half of the time at a different resort just so we can experience another part of the island. We are considering either CTI or CSS. I could really use some imput as to which one is the best. What are the pros and cons of each place. Which resort's AN beach is the best, too? How do the rooms compare? etc...Thank you for any help you can give me...

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    We have been to CSS and CN.
    CSS/SSB is top notch the set up is just incredible
    Beach, swim up bar, pool grill all on a private resort within the resort.
    CSS property is very lush and much different then CN large and spread out with many steps and the way the room are situated in the cliff offer incredible views that can be matched at CN
    The vibe of CSS is much more laid back CN with the centralized swim up bar seemed to be mroe active.
    Beach - CN is on bloody bay what more can you say SSB is serviceable
    the sand is more course and entry to the water is rocky plus the river makes the temp cooler and the current makes it less calm then bloody bay

    If you enjoy the AN experience then SSB will be a blast.

    CSS pro SSB, grounds and view from thew room in the cliffs
    CSS cons - spread out lots of stairs it isnt on bloody bay

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    Lots of pros for both resorts (we have been to both)
    Not really many cons IMHO

    See my review comparing the two, maybe that will help


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    Thanks for all your help...I'll let you know what we decided and how the trip goes..haha.

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    Thanks for all the help..I will let all of you know what we decide and how the trip turns out. haha We feel like Negril is home so to be fair to the other resort (whichever we pick-we are leaning toward CSS) we will probably go there first then finish up the time at Negril.

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