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    We are planning a late June wedding and seem to prefer CN but when I read read the board most mention CSA or CSS. Is there a reason I don't see CN often?

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    I've been to CSS and CN and CN was amazing! So was CSS...I don't really think there's a worse or better resort for weddings. You'll be happy where ever you are. But CN is known for the beach which is why we picked it. You'll love it, no worries I can send you pics if you want, email me You can see the beach and the gazebo!

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    There's no reason. The majority of guests, including those planning to wed in Jamaica, don't post on the MB. We've stayed at CN annually since 1999 and have seen at least one wedding daily (except Sundays) during every stay.

    If CN is the resort that appeals to you the most, don't second guess your choice. We've been guests at all four of the Couples Resorts, and CN remains our favorite.
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    I got married at CN and it was AWESOME!!!! Click on dandpdub and you can see some of our pictures in our profile. If you have any questions, let me know. I can be reached at Check out the wedding announcement thread and you will see a bunch of CN weddings.

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    I've noticed that too. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you. We had our wedding at CN on 1/5/10 and everything was perfect. I haven't been to the other resorts, but I can give you a 100% guarantee that you will not be disappointed with CN if you choose to go there.

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