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Thread: Pool Hours CN

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    As I said don't believe everything you read on Trip Advisor. Over the years TA has been a proven source of some bad information and a series of attacks on Couples. There have been reviews posted on there that have attempted to paint a negative light on Couples Resorts for a particular reason. They wanted a share of Couples popularity. Many of us know they were not true and that is FACT.

    Is TA a bad source of information? TA has mixed reviews and has over the years demonstrated that it leans in favor of that other resort chain. What it has indicated to me is DO MORE RESEARCH on your desired resort selection. TA is not a one stop source to provide accurate info.

    This Couples Message Board is comprised largely of repeat guests. Who better to ask an get the truth about a resort than them? Many of us share our email addresses so that people can reach out, network and YES ask those questions that you don't find all the time on here. Yes we compare likes and dislikes of Couples and even share info on other resorts.

    Do I say trust only the good reviews? No. But I also say look deeper into those bad reviews you read and most of the time you will find no basis or people that just like to be picky.

    Like anything RESEARCH your trip in depth and find out all you can. Ask questions, look at as many pictures of the resorts features as you can find and by all means go to the people who visit that resort. Get the truth as they say >>> from the horses mouth and not it's azz.

    Are all Couples Resorts perfect? NO. But they sure are trying to perfect the art of satisfaction.

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    I like the picture Wally posted.

    Now who in the world would dive into a Jacuzzi????

    Night swimming. I would relate that to the ocean and not the pool. I hate things that go BUMP in the dark while in the ocean.

    Except when the sign has been out saying closed for pool treatment we have always quietly slipped into the main pool with no problems late at night. The key word being QUIETLY. No one has ever said a word or been chased away while enjoying an evening swim.

    I can hear the complaint now.
    "We were quietly enjoying an evening swim when security threw us out of the pool."
    I don't think so!

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