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Thread: December 2010

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    fello Minnesotans. hey KellyandAmber, we'll overlap you guys a couple of days, were going on Sat after Thanksgiving Nov 27th to Dec 5th. maybe we'll see ya

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    Default December 2010

    Wayne I agree totally. Maybe in December we can get together and set up a t-shirt stand and sell a few back!
    We missed Stanley on our last visit - is he still groping the ladies?!
    BTW - those are long SPRINTS down the beach.......;>)

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    yes tom , the ladies man , stanley, had all the girls in tow as well as his usual entorage. although him and i still cant find the mermaid's. as far as your " wind sprits ", now i know why you get so thirsty and always have a drink in hand, re hydrating. as far as the t shirts i figure we could sign and date them, they should be worth a few bucks, even the staff ask where i get some of the old couples shirts from.


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    I tyhink the T-shirt from 2008 should be a collectors item, The printer miss spelled "Swept"

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    how many would you like, i will even date and sign,

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    I think I am OK with my own collection, I see I missspelled in my last post maybe I could help out the T-shirt printers when I get there!

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    Default December 2010

    We have 3 sets from 08 for your collection.

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    we just donated about 40, never worn couples t shirts, to our local clothes for kids. they were happy to see them and we were happy to give them, how many do we need ??

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    We are booked for 12/12 through 12/24, our second time and can't wait to go back!! We're bringing a new couple to CSA... we KNOW they'll be hooked.

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    We too are bring a new couple with us, they have been reading the MB and already hooked. All our conversations seem to revolve around next December.

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    WOOOHOOOOO!!! 35 MORE Sundays and counting down!!

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    NurseJenny - Looks like we'll be coming in the same day as you. Maybe we can meet up for happy hour??

    MikeMonica - Will you be starting a list for December 2010? If so, can you add us... thanks in advance!!!

    12/12 - 12/24 Flo & Jim, Tallahassee, FL - 2nd visit to CSA
    12/12 - 12/24 Cindy & William, Perry, FL - 1st visit to CSA

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    Hi all, Art(alias Custer) & Pat will be there Dec 3-10 to celebrate our
    40th Annv.Cant wait!! But we are going to enjoy summer first after a long Colorado winter.

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    Sandman: The winter here in Utah was long too! We will arrive on the same day as you, along with my sister and brother in law from Omaha. We will be celebrating our 52nd anniversary on December 6.

    MikeMonica: Are you still on for December? We miss your list.

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    Hi everybody we're back,
    I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while but Monica and I have both been a little under the weather both physically and emotionally. Plus to top it off, I've had to travel a lot since January for our Uncle Sam. Hopefully, that's over for the next few months. Washington State, Virginia, and South Carolina are beautiful but they can't compare to the company of my lovely bride.
    Monica was diagnosed with bulging discs in her neck and has been getting treatment for that over the last few months and then we both came down with the flu,one right after the other. As soon as we got over the flu, we lost our 11 month old puppy, Max, to terminal kidney failure. We suspected something was wrong in September but the vets weren't sure until October. We tried everything possible to help him live until the spring but that was not meant to be. We made sure that his quality of life was good and he was able to stay with us until March. Max was the sweetest rottweiler we ever had. He had the temperment to be a great therapy dog and his loss devastated both of us.
    Our breeder was horrified to learn of Max's condition and provided us with a sweet little female three weeks ago. Now that she is housebroken, I have a little more time on my hands and will start the list for December in the next week or so. Start posting pictures and I will also link them to the spreadsheet. Looking at the posts so far, this is going to be a great December. I know that Monica and I are as anxious as Ted and Deb, Jenny and Phil, Larry and Judi, Jeff and MB, and everybody else on the message board to return home. So I'll have an Appleton and coke for everybody before I go to bed tonight. 236 days and counting.
    Here's a priceless picture that was taken on Christmas Eve 2009. Randymon was reading my loveletter to Monica at our favorite restaurant. Needless to say, she enjoyed her early Christmas present from Couples.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    MikeMonica, So sorry to hear all the bad news. I hope you are both doing well. We look forward to seeing you guys this December at CSA.

    Jim & Flo

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    We are coming to CSA December 6th through December 15th. This will be our third visit to CSA.
    Shan and Dean, Omaha, NE

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    We have lived in Omaha before, and my sister and brother-in-law from Omaha will be coming with us this year. We all get in on December 3. We'll have a cold towel and a drink ready for you. Larry and Judi Eden, Utah

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    wow I thought 40 Years was long.Congrats! We will have to celebrate at Ulti's piano bar or the Martini bar.What part of Utah do you live in? We take the bike over there and probably will do Hyw. 12 this summer.

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    We will look forward to the cool towel and refreshments upon our arrival in December. We do have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch our flight out. December is a long way off, but we all know that it will eventually get here.

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    Sandman: We live in a valley just East from Ogden, at the base of Powder mountain.

    ShanDean: The flights from Eppley to MoBay are not the best for time and price. My sister and B-I-L are going to spend some time in Florida before going so they will fly out of Orlando.

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    We're Tom and Nancy from Minnesota and will be at CSA Dec 5-12. (Unless we decide to switch to CSS before the sale ends at the end of IACouple, we've been to CSA 3 times. Last Dec. we ventured to CTI. We really enjoyed it but missed our CSA beach!!! So, we aren't sure we want to be away from CSA 2 years in a row!!)Name:  DSCF3486_1.jpg
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    Add us in too! Danielle & Anthony December 4th-11th 3rd visit to CSA, celebrating our 2 year anniversary.

    Bringing along my godmother and her husband, 2nd time for them at CSA.

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    NJ_Bride: I think we were at CSA and watched your wedding from our patio. If it's the one I am thinking of , you had a very large group on the beach. If you walked on the beach path ,our BFV patio was decorated for our 50th anniversary and vow renewal.

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    Yes, that was us! I believe you spoke with my husband at some point because I remember him talking about your 50th. We were happy to have so many join on us on that day, although CSA had sold out we people staying in 4 other resorts who came for just the wedding to CSA. Last year we went back for NYE since we had another wedding to go to in Mexico in the beginning of December. NYE was great and really looking forward to spending our anniversary back at CSA.

    Looking forward to having an anniversary drink with you!


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