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Thread: December 2010

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    Greg and Jacki GREANJAC Dec. 10 - 17

    Don't forget the cocktails Diane and Gary

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    To MikeMonica:
    My friends! I am so sorry, that you didnīt reach us.
    Because of school and getting things ready for the wedding- we are always on the run.
    But we see us soon at CSA!!

    Greetings to you, hope you had a great time in germany :-))
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    Final payment time makes us real excited! Really on a count down now. 44 days til December 3

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    ya mon six weeks away soonecome the porkchops flowing!!
    Randi & Sherri
    (Pork Chop)

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    Same here Randi and Sherri!!! We will be back at CSA 12/10-12/19. Six weeks til we are home!

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    November is here! We fly out in 29 days! First a couple of days in Florida and then CSA on December 3. Larry and Judi

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    40 Days and counting. Looking forward to some nice weather! Can't wait. : )

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    Hmm anyone doing the week between 12/25/2010 to 1/2/2011. Who is celebrating New Years Eve at CSA...??? It has to be a party !

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    29 Days to go!! December 4th is approaching very quickly!! Cant wait for 9 days back home and lots of PORKCHOPS at the poolbar
    Randi & Sherri
    (Pork Chop)

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    Can not wait !! so close !!.........Dec 4th thru 18th, our 5th visit. Seems like we keep adding days each time we come.........we love it! See you at the airport lounge about 2:30. Anybody know how busy the airport/customs is on Saturday? This will be our first Saturday arrival

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    Getting closer....3 weeks 4 days till back home!

    Thinking of booking the tim-air flights. Took the shuttle last year for the first time on our 10th trip and wasnt to impressed especially when you can drink red-stripe and fly over the beach for 15 minutes!!!
    Randi & Sherri
    (Pork Chop)

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    33 Days to go!! We'll be there Dec 11 Through Dec 20. It's our first trip to CSA. Can't wait!

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    The funny thing is I kind of enjoy the drive from Mo'Bay to Negril, ( if we have a driver that likes to interact and inform us about Jamaica. ) The trip going back is always sad! Only 23 days until December 3. We cut back our trip this December to seven days to match up with a couple that is going with us. We had our first snow of the year today so we are REALLY looking forward to the beach. Anybody else on December 3 at about 10:00 AM? Larry and Judi

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    Glad to be home again. Monica and I had a great trip to Sweden and Germany. Love our new Volvo and are waiting for it to arrive in the states. We've been trying to catch up with everything but something always seems to pop up and keep up away fom the computer. Anyway - here's the list. Let me know of any mistakes and I'll correct them as soon as I can.

    Kerstin - We look forward to meeting you and Mike in a few weeks.
    Ted and Deb, Jenny and Phil - the days are going by quickly - cant wait to catch up with you soon.

    Zazu - I'm really sorry that we are going to miss you and Larry this year - Maybe 2011???? We'll be there from 10-19 Dec I think

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Welcome back Mike/Monica. We will miss seeing you this year, but we have a week back to back booked at CN and CSA in December 2011. Hope to see you then.

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    Default More than ready! Partridge in a pear tree!!!

    Matt and I are more than ready to be at CSA and in Jamaica again. 35 days and counting. American Airlines decided they wanted to cancel our flight leaving on Christmas Eve so we will be stuck in Dallas til Christmas morning. I guess we can't complain to much since we will be celebrating the Christmas holiday week in Jamaica. It almost seems wrong to complain to our family and friends about our flight getting canceled. But, I know I can come to you guys and let it out on the message board.
    12 months of planning, 11 months of saving, 10 days of vacation, 9 magical nights, 8 swimsuits packed, 7 miles of beach, 6 pairs of flip flops, , 5 more weeks of waiting, 4 flights of flying 3 packed bags, 2 anxious people, and 1 wonderful Christmas vacation at CSA!!!!

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    Ya Mon!! 21 days till back Home started the have to pack list today!!!
    Randi & Sherri
    (Pork Chop)

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    Default Time to get excited!!

    19 day's to Dec.3rd. Arrive Montego Bay at 10:53 A.M. My lovely wife and I will be celebrating our 40th.Snowed yesterday here in Evergreen CO so it is setting the mood right.It's been way to warm,70's.Felt like we didn't need to go somewhere warmer.Put the Bike away and am ready to lay on the beach and relax.din't lose any weight but who cares.There's still a couple of 30 year olds in our 60 some old bodies . Rum and Fun come soon

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    Been a long countdown for us. (We had a trip to CSA and one to CSS while waiting for this one. ) Two more weekends here in the mountains. Then to the airport and Orlando Florida then on to Jamaica on December 03. The couple going with us Jim and Ona from Omaha, are in their motorhome enroute to Orlando already. We will meet up and fly into Montego Bay together. Can't wait!!!

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    Default Josh & Amy - Dec. 16-23

    This will be our 2nd time to CSA. We went the week after Thanksgiving last year for our Honeymoon and this year are going the week before X-mas. Can't wait to be in our favorite place in the world in less than 32 days!

    Everyone enjoy your trips!!

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    We are coming 11 of December for two weeks. Looking foreword to meet nice people

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    Default Soon Come

    Hello Mike, Monica and fellow CSA friends!
    Very excited! It's cold, windy and raining here in the Rochester NY area. The fall has been beautiful but we are so ready to be home in Jamaica. Ted's son, Dan and his beautiful Jess will be joining us 12/10-12/17. We said we loved it so much, they just had to see for themselves. 24 days... best get the packing list out. Stay well M&M, we can't wait to see you two. Deb and Ted

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    Today we have got flight tickets and all the details Its becoming really true cant wait for this day.3 weeks left.

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    Wow, just compiled the latest list (attached). Looks like Monica and I will be there with more than 30 other couples from the message board. Hope we get to meet you all. We can't wait to get "home" and see our Jamaican family.

    Here's a couple of tips for the newcomers about to get married:

    1. Don't worry about anything - your wedding coordinator (Tamika was ours) will take care of everything. Just let her know what you need or are concerned about.

    2. Try the Jamaican Rumcake for your wedding cake. (Make sure to save us a piece)

    3. Unless you are having a private ceremony, invite some of the people you meet at CSA to your wedding. Not only will they enjoy it, but you'll met some really great people that way.

    4. Regardless of what time you get married - Get sunset wedding photos.

    5. Above all - Relax - It's your special day and you are in Jamaica.

    6. Start planning when you'll return and celebrate your anniversary. A trip to CSA (or any Couples Resort) is one of the best anniversary presents you will ever receive.

    Ted and Deb, Phil and Jenny - see you soon.

    Kerstin and Mike - looking forward to meeting you and practicing a little more of my German.

    Viki and Modis - Hope we get to meet you. We arrive on the same day. I loved Norway when I was able to visit a few years ago. I didn't get as far north as Os but I believe that your country is one of the most beautiful I ever visited.

    Zazu - have a great time. Monica and I will be expecting our glass of champagne when we arrive.

    See everyone soon

    25 days and counting

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Less than two weeks! Tracy and I arrive Nov. 30th at CSA and will be there till Dec. 9th. Can't wait! We are from Atlanta, GA.

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