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    Hi everyone,
    We just booked our CSA vacation for Dec 5 - 10 for our 20 year wedding anniverseary celebration. Let us know if you will be there during this time.

    I have to add that we are only 40 and have been married half our lives...meeting in high school. We are definitely looking forward to our first all inclusive resort.

    Thanks so much..

    Rod and Misty

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    we will be there a couple of days before you ,Dec 3-10.See you there,Art and Pat

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    Hi! My husband and I will be there the 4th through 11th celebrating our 2nd anniversary! Hope to see you there!

    Danielle & Anthony

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    We will see you there also. We'll be there Dec 5-12. You will love CSA!!!

    Tom & Nancy Check out the other December meet-up thread.

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    I've added everybody's data to the list that is on the December 2010 thread. Come and join us there.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Oh Mike adn Monica going to miss you this year we are not going till the end of January. We decided it just made the winters too long. Expecting a blizzard tonight and tomorrow wish I could get out on the next flight, but I will wait. We met you in the lobby last year. Have a great time cannot wait till we go home. We are going by ourselves this year, last year we had 3 other couples with us. Save some bob Marleys's for us.

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