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    Default Wow!

    Be sure and check out the special prices for 2011. We originally booked for 2011 last November, but I just checked the prices. We can save $400 by rebooking AND get the $500 resort credit, plus room upgrades at CN & CSS. It is a fabulous deal. Check it out!

    With the resort credit we will be able to buy our coffee. That is even more savings as we won't need to bring money to buy our coffee.

    Thanks Couples, you are the best!

    I just can't believe the deal we are getting!!!

    Now to figure out a way to get there this year. hmmm, haven't done my taxes yet.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default We're waiting, too.

    Hi Coloradojuli,

    Sounds like you got a GREAT deal for next year!

    We're waiting for some kind of a promo or credit for early December this year, too. Sure, we could book and then "rebook", but that sounds like a hassle and extra money if you have to change dates to get the special.

    There are 6 of us waiting... waiting...


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    Default December 2010 rates

    There was a special for December 2010 that we booked last June. Better rates than 2011 and the $500 credit was included. I don't think they will get any better, but I watch the rates and Wednesday specials all the time just in case. We will be booking 2011 pretty soon for December, just have to decide what days. 95 days untill CSS ! 295 days untill CSA.

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    We rebooked also. Got the same room for less money at CTI and the credits. Sweet.

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