My husband and I just returned from 10 glorious days at CTI. We went knowing that CTI would be very different from CSA but kept an open mind. We were not disappointed at all. Although these two resorts are completely different in landscape, the service, food, accommodations, etc. are still consistent between the two. Couples does a wonderful job and that is why we keep returning.

Fist some staff that need a special thanks: Otis, Glenroy, Javian, Kirk, Colin, Lloyd, Maxine, Pauline, Sean, and Mr. Henry himself. You all made our visit so special and we will never forget how welcome you made us feel.

We met some wonderful people who will likely be life-long friends. Because of the set up of CTI (compared to CSA), the centre of the resort is the "pulse" if you will. So you tend to meet the same people more frequently for that very reason. We really liked that aspect. We really like the privacy of the beach area as you didn't have people constantly hounding you to buy things or rent jet skis, etc. There were always plenty of sunbeds and plenty of shade to be found if you wanted it. All of the restaurants were excellent. The excursion offered were very good. The spa is lovely and we took advantage of the hot tub and steam room on a regular basis.

All in all, I would have a very difficult time choosing between CSA and CTI the next time we book. They are both wonderful in their own way.

Some comparisons: CTI is much quieter (not as many large wedding parties creating loads of noise), it is more private than CSA, the staff truly get to know you and make a point of checking in with you regularly where at CSA we didn't find that as much. However, CSA has a much nicer beach and the ocean floor is much softer. You can walk out quite a distance at CSA before the water level rises where at CTI it drops off quite quickly and tends to be rocky. We do like the ambiance of CSA as it is more rustic versus the bright clean colours of CTI. Not a negative, just a personal preference. CSA has a much larger gym which is important to us.

If you have any questions feel free to post and I'll reply.

Thank you Couples for yet another outstanding vacation. We hope to return next year.