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    Default beachfront suites or verandah???

    Hi everybody! I was just wondering if the beachfront suites have chairs and a table out on the balcony. Trying to decide where to stay and i can either pick ocean verandah or beachfront? I liked our the verandahs have table and chairs for the mornings and for breakfast. Beachfront is the only one that i dont see where it comes with chairs and a table, the only thing i seen was a rocking chair. Please help!!

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    Yes, the Beachfront Suites have nice wicker chairs on the verandahs, as well as the padded benches and the concrete tables...

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    I think it has a built in couch, a coffee table and the rocking chair. There is just a regular chair in the room that we used a couple times out on our verandah. I don't think any room at CSA has a table and chairs, like to eat at, out on the patio/verandah. We loved having our continental breakfast outside looking at the sea. It's a great way to wake up.

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