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    Default amaerican airlines glitch

    have you all seen the latest news about AA maybe having to cancel 15000 flights during holiday week due to a scheduling pilot problem? wondering for those of us who had planned to come to couples on AA during the Christmas week...what the ramifications could be - still to early to panic - the press releases assure that this wont happen - but it could...bummer

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    This is exactly why we always book our trip through a travel agent and also purchase travel insurance. A travel agent would be better equipped to find an alternate flight and the travel insurance is helpful if we would need to change our travel dates. Either way this would be our travel agent's headache, not ours.

    Fortunately this issue doesn't apply to us. Not traveling over Christmas. The travel agency we use has charter flights that can only be booked through their company by a travel agent. We prefer these direct no stop charter flights.

    My personal opinion. There is WAY too much money involved and AA won't let this happen. AA has deep enough pockets to fix this.

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    I heard this morning that they worked it out.

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