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    Default do you need to bring your original documents?

    Hi all,

    we are getting married in CSA, and are about to mail copies of our documents to the coordinators. Do they require you to bring the originals to the resort too, or those you mail them is enough? My original documents are not in English, and I did one copy of a certified translation, just wondering if I need to do a second one if they require to see them in person.


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    No you don't need to bring them. You should receive a confirmation email once they receive your documents telling you that everything checks out and you're ready to go, or if they need something else from you. Don't worry, they'll make sure you get everything taken care of before your big day!

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    thanks for your answer. it just looked too easy for me that you just mail the copies and they don't care about seeing the originals. apparantely it's true, i've also got a response from the wedding coordinator confirming that.

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    I faxed in my documents, my wedding coordinator never emailed back to let me know what to do with them. Now my fax is somewhere out there with all of our information. Late last night she emailed back to let me know where to send them, nice! Response time is terrible with the staff.

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    I am sure I read somewhere about sending them register mail. Regardless when its my turn to send them I am sending them that way so I can get a signature that they were received and I will have a tracking number if they get lost

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    I also read that the certified copies must be sent by registered mail.

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    I sent mine certified mail, with the little slip you get back in the mail...with a signature of who received it. they said this way is faster than certified. I got an e-mail within a few days saying they had all my paperwork and I did not need to bring it with me. But I have read to bring a copy of your birth certificate in case you lose your pass ports.

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