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    Default CSA - Oct. 11-18, 2010

    Anyone going to CSA Oct. 11-18, 2010? First time couple from Ohio can't wait for our first Jamaican experience.

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    We have a group of 10 that will be arriving on Oct 10th-16th from Nebraska! Long ways ahead. This will be our first trip to Negril and a Couples resort, but our fourth visit to Jamaica.

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    Glad to see there are others on here that will be @ CSA in mid October.
    226 days and counting!

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    Yes! We are first-timers too and will be there Oct. 10-16. Can't wait!

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    199 days and counting!

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    My fiance (well husband by the time we get there) will also be there while you are there. We are planning Oct 12-22 for our honeymoon. It will be our 1st time to Jamaica and i'm really really looking forward to it! We are making our trip down from Canada!

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    Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials Poolkat. We hope to see you in October!

    Todd & Stacey (193 days!)

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    My husband and I are close to booking in Oct. Arriving 6th for 8 days. 10 year anniversary and my 40th birthday. WAHOOOO! Can't wait to party Jamaican style. :-)

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    My fiancee decided on Couples Negril....unfortunately we won't be able to meet up at CSA....but if you plan to do any tours or excursions, let me know, tcbutcher :-)

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    138 sleeps. October soon come!

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    Default We will be there Oct 16th-23rd

    Anyone wanna meet up with us.... We are thinking of going over to Hedo II for a day trip.. It would be nice to go with people from CSA ... Let us know....

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    Default The countdown continues

    Looks like we are only 43 days away from arrival!

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    a group of six of us will be there from oct. 10th to 19th CANT WAIT !!!

    this is our group from left to right, pj, shawn, jess, pam, me + jeremy.
    pj + pam are two timers, me + jeremy are four timers and shawn + jess are virgins !!!
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    40 Days! They're starting to drag! :-)

    October soon come.

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    My wife and I will be going to CSA on the same date as you we will be flying Delta from ATL, Maybe we'll see you there. If not have funn this is our 3rd. trip to Jamaica. we have enjoyed it every time. Duh, I guess that goes without say since this trip makes 3X.

    Mark and Julie

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    My husband Steve and I will be at CSA Oct 14-21st for our 9th anniversary. 3rd trip to CSA in October and we can't wait!!
    We're also from Canada.

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    We'll be there from Oct 17 to Oct 27 We are getting married on Oct 20

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    @ Mark and Julie: We land at 01:20PM on the 11th. Maybe we'll have a Red Stripe on the bus!?

    Todd & Stacey (25 days!)

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    Our anniversary is the 20th! Wishing you all the best on your upcoming wedding. Steve and I have seen many weddings on the beach at CSA and they're all beautiful!

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    See you all soon!! We arrive 3 weeks from tomorrow!

    Joey & Lauren

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    My fiancee and our parents will be at CSA from Oct. 11-17. We are traveling from Missouri through ATL to Jamaica. This will be the first time for all of us. Jon and I are getting married on Oct. 14.

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    Doin' the single digit dance! 9 days, 19 hours, 27 minutes!

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    5 more sleeps and we will be there.......the anxiety is wicked

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    I will be there for my honeymoon from Oct 12-17!! We are newbies also. This will be our first time. 6 more sleeps!!!

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    We will be coming Oct 14-20th and we are also from OHIO!!! We decided to come back to CSA from our 2yr anniversary. We honeymooned at CSA and couldnt wait to get back, so 2yrs later here we come celebrating our anniversary!

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