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    Default SSB hours question

    Having just returned from CTI and our first AN experience(s), we're looking at booking another trip.

    My question is: Are there hours of operation for SSB at CSS? The last boat at CTI leaves around 5pm, so the AN day ends at 5 (the "official" AN day anyway ) What about SSB as there is no boat? Are you allowed on the beach/pool/bar area late at night, or does it become textile after a certain hour? Or does the area close down entirely?

    We read a poll about a AN late night pool party and thought that'd be pretty cool (maybe literally!!)

    Just something we'd like to know before we decide to return to CTI or try CSS.

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    CTI 1st Timers,

    Textilers are allowed on SSB after 5pm (i think it's 5) to view the sunset. Many evenings there was a sax player present on the beach as well. That being said, there was never an occassion where the textile police were on patrol. Many SSB patrons remained in the pool and at the bar while clothed folks observed the sunset. I believe the pool and hottub was utilized in the evenings as well, albeit no bartendar or security.

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    SSB does not close,but at 5PM daily it becomes a beach for everyone. The main reason for that is to allow everyone to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. So it no longer really an Au Natural beach

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    Default SSB hours

    SSB is open to all after 5pm for sunset picture taking. We have been at the SSB pool area still a/n while others walked the beach taking pictures. Most times everyone gets dressed, and walks back to get ready for dinner. I don't know if SSB actually closes. We have walked down to SSB on many a night with a bottle and took a dip in the pool or the hot tub a/n. Sometines alone, other times with company. The guard will turn on a light for you. It's like your own private resort late at night!


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