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    Does anybody have pictures of gazebo or garden weddings at CTI?

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    I've been waiting on someone to answer this question...Guess no one has any!

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    I have pics of the gazebo, however, with this site, you have to get them posted somewhere else and then connect in. I do have 2 pics of the gazebo but it is with our entire wedding party. I would be more than happy to email them to you. contact me at

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    CTI does not have a gazebo anymore but the lawn near the sea wall is amazing. we just had a ceremony last week and it was so much more than i could have hoped for.

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    Do you have any pictures of the lawn you would be willing to share? I'm getting married at CTI in December and would also love to see some pics of the locations.
    Thank you!

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    I am getting married at CTI on June 5, 2010. I would love to see some pics of the locations too. Thanks!

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    We got married at CTI March 15th 2010. We got married in the garden overlooking the ocean. You can view my pics on the Message Board under Our wedding 3-15-10 CTI. Hope this helps!

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