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    Default Coconut Rum Punch Recipies?

    Just returned from CSS and had some delicious rum punches made with coconut rum. Was wondering if anyone had any reccipies for them. I know one had Peach Schnapps in it. Thanks,

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    Don't know if you can find it, but try They have a pretty good variety. I found one for the hummingbird that comes pretty close.....but nothing tops being IN Jamaica and drinking a hummingbird....something about the location that makes it taste better.

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    I make something called a Shizzle. I made it up myself and totally tastes like Jamaica.

    1 part coconut rum
    1 part pineapple rum
    .5 part vanilla vodka
    pineapple juice, to taste
    splash of grenadine

    I make these strong for martinis or less strong as just a mixed drink. I always get rave reviews on them. Made a Gatorade container of them for my 40th bd was gone way too fast.

    If you google "rum drinks" you'll get lots of interesting potions.

    Have fun and cheers!

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