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    Default why the heck not?

    I know its a little early and we just got back from renewing our 10 year anniversary at csa,but why not start our oct,2010 countdown, anyone else going to be at swept away in oct 2010?

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    Richard, while we dont have an October 2010 trip planned as of this time it would be great to see you and Brenda next October. sorry we missed her this year.


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    she would have liked to meet you guys as well,we took advantage when we booked for our last trip and booked for next october before the rates increased. Hopefully you guys are there next year as well,it would be nice for brenda to meet you guys and maybe a drink or two would be in order.
    one love,Richard.

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    We have one foot in each month. (Oct 26-Nov 3 2010) We did the same as you and booked our trip for next year around the same time we booked for this year, to take advantage of the price and spa/gift shop credits.
    There is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land (and work) again after a cheerful, careless voyage ~Mark Twain

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    We will be there October 27-November 3 2010 for our weddingmoon. First visit to Couples and Jamaica. Can't wait.

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    Richard and Brenda,

    We will be at CSA from Sept.29-Oct.10 this year for our 4th trip-would love to do a Meet and Greet Party for possibly a couple of drinks.

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    love in jamaica,
    sounds good to me,and the first round is on us.Sept 29th is my wonderful wifes birthday and oct 2 is our 11th anniversary.See you all soon (wish it was sooner)

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