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    The whole thing is a bad idea. The policy should stay the same - you get what you get. I trust Couples to assign us a room in the category we booked. There may be a room we would prefer over another one, but we don't feel the need to control every aspect of our vacation so much so that we would be willing pay for a room to stay empty when someone else could be enjoying it and paying full price for it. It seems likely that Couples would lose some money on this, and I'd hate to have to pay more because some people can't go with the flow. Plus, shouldn't each vacation be unique? We loved the room we had last time, and we love to get it again next time, but a different room will guarantee a different - and maybe even better - experience. Please don't change your policy, but if you must experiment - try it at CSA.

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    I love the idea of being able to reserve the room I want for $100. However, you've proposed the exact same price to obtain any room on a particular floor of a particular building, and I think that should be a lower price than reserving an exact room.

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    Default room request due to health concerns

    Hi Randy,

    We don't have a problem paying extra for a certain room or floor request (after all, even the airlines charge extra if you want to choose your own seats), but we are curious if we would have to pay extra if the floor request is due to a health issue. For some strange reason, I cannot handle air conditioning. It makes my sinuses react in a big way, and gives me a headache. So...we like a room on any floor that isn't the ground floor so that we can leave the patio door open at night. As I said, we don't have a problem paying the extra money if it means that I don't have to suffer with the air conditioning. Just out of you feel we would be fine to leave the doors open at night in a ground level floor?

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    Default sounds complicated

    Why open yourselves up to holding rooms for personal requests for a small (to Couples) compensation. For us, if it ain't broken why fix it. So far we have been to 3 Couples resorts and are returning for a 7th time next month. Never have had a problem getting a great room that we asked for through our TA and @ the check-in desk. Stick to your policy of no guaranteed room requests. Somehow seems more fair to everyone no matter what their vacation budget allows.

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    I would definitely be willing to pay to guarantee a specific room and floor!!
    Soon to be Mrs. Merritt ~*~ June 26th, 2010
    CSA for our Honeymoon! So excited!

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    So does this mean for our 2011 anniversary planned trip to CTI,,
    That we cannot reserve certain type room such as Ocean View Jr Suite?
    Or just that we cannot specify what building an what particular room number we want? Can someone clarify this more for us


    Stuck in winter in midwest

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    Default Specific Room


    I've only been once (booked for 2010 too) but I wouldn't pay any extra for a specific room. Of course, it would be cool to lock in a particular room or building similar to that on a cruise ship.



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    Frankly, I'd have found a way to crystallize and clarify this policy on the website, on the booking engine, and on brochures.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but this can be a very, very slippery slope you're embarking on... not to mention a fairness factor for those of us (many loyal multi-return loyalists) who CAN read, and who CAN comprehend the current policy.

    You're a great marketing guy, but I'm very skeptical on this one... Good luck!

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    A slippery slope if you ask me.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I'd go for that! We'd look at it such as we do trip insurance, to insure we get the room with the view we want. Thanks for looking into the possibility, Randy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Greetings to all:

    Despite my numerous attempts to advise you all that we are unable to guarantee specific rooms, buildings or floors at any of our resorts due to continued high demand and daily arrival and departures, we continue to receive several such requests each day at each resort.

    From January 15 - February 14 - as an example - Couples Swept Away received nearly 150 requests for specific rooms. The expectations and subsequent disappointment when we are unable to accommodate your requests is often causing unpleasant confrontations at check-in.

    Nonetheless, short of my rejecting every post related to room requests, it is clear that many of you are anxious about a room assignment.

    That being the case, we may have a developed a solution in our property management systems. It does come at a cost, so here it the question: Would you be willing to pay to guarantee a specific room, building or floor?

    To guarantee a specific room is the most problematic as we may need to hold the room for you a day or two before you arrive - meaning we would be unable to fill it. We are contemplating a test whereby for a fee of $100 we would accommodate your specific room request - if, of course it is available at the time of your request.

    For a specific building or floor, the fee would be $50 each. In other words, if you request a room on the second floor, we would charge you $50. If you want a second floor room in Building #5, the fee would be $50 X 2 = $100.

    Your thoughts?
    My husband and I are arriving at San Souci on March 5th and leaving on March 11th. We have a specific room we requested and would gladly pay the $100 for a guarantee.

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    I usually like your new and novel ideas...this one...NOPE.

    We have always put a "preference" in our reservation....not a specific room but a general CSA we prefer the privacy of an upper room vs. the bottom floor that opens right to the beach. Some people prefer the reverse. If you can make 2 couples happy because you know their preference--what is the harm in that? We go to Couples knowing it is a PREFERENCE not an EXPECTATION.

    It seems to me that the room categories are already giving people a choice about where they want to be within the resort. Giving into the people that come expecting their specific room or exact request will be granted seems to only be creating more problems. What will they expect next and how many people will make specific room requests that don't now? And, I feel sorry for the room assigners because this seems like an absolute nightmare. Unpleasant confrontations at check-in need to be dealt with in a professional and direct manner. I know customer service and making guests happy is the goal, but this "solution" seems to justify and encourage the kind of behavior that only creates more problems.

    But, back to your original question...if you would not even consider a "general preference" without money being attached to it...I guess we would think about doing it if we felt strongly enough about the privacy of a top floor or the location of a certain building. But, quite honestly--I won't be happy about. I think we pay enough for our stay at Couples. We know it is worth it--that's why we come back and plan to again.

    Thanks for listening to my opinion! Lisa
    Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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    Default I'm in

    Randymon, it would be worth it for Pat and me to pay that fee to get what we want...........

    Just saying..............

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    Sounds like a good idea to me, afterall I just gave my airline about $75 for advanced seat selections.

    I find it quite amazing that so many people are making specific room requests. That must indeed make things difficult, if not impossible, for your front end staff.

    On the other hand, this issue has likely resulted from your high percentage of returning guests, so that's a good problem to have.

    Personally, I have made room requests, but usually give 3 options in order of preference ie. Block 8, 2nd or 3rd floor, Block 9, 2nd or 3rd floor, etc.

    Your fee structure seems reasonable and if that's solves the problem, I say go for it. Those who don't want to pay the fee, could still make requests for preferences, but would have to be satisfied with what is available upon arrival.


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    Having never been before it's difficult for me to judge. I think if a couple arriving like us on a Tuesday request a specific room that was vacated on say Saturday, then I think $100 dollars quite reasonable. I have requested 'G' block because of what I have read on these boards but if I got 'D' block I don't think I would be too unhappy.

    I am just unbelievably excited to be coming and having my first holiday with just my husband in over 16 years.

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    No, thanks!

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    I would do it, but how about a "Repeaters Perk" and make it in leu of the cash back at the Passionate love level? Just a thought.............

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    I like it. I think your proposed fees are very reasonable and you would know ahead whether or not the room, floor, or room category is available.

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    My husband and I are arriving at CSS on March 5th to the 11th and have requested a specific Penthouse Suite. We would be happy to pay the $100 to guarantee that room.

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    how about if that would be something rewards points could cover? Massages and shirts are great but if the points could be used to cover the special choice of room it could be used that way. just a thought

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    Randymon, Is the $100 a flat fee for the length of your stay or $100 a night?

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    We have our favorite rooms, but found a new favorite this year since they were full.

    I think people need to read AND understand the policy as-is. This seems like a lot of logistical overhead.

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    For us, we would be opposed to additional cost. The service that Couples provides is more than adequate when we do happen to request a specific building. Plus you offer a Romance Rewards perk to upgrade a room category. You might add this to the perks. With that said I can see where someone might want a specific room. If that would be the case I think you should charge much more to offset the cost of having a room that may be empty and ready for them upon arrival. Then you have to answer yourself the question what to do if they cancel or rebook etc?

    How would you handle it if 150 guests at CSA all paid for a specific rooms only to have the guest arrive and you could not accommodated them? Yes you could refund the money but this could leave a bad taste in their month and starts their trip to paradise with disappointed knowing you didn’t get what you thought you were paying for.

    Overall, it seems like an overwhelming task. I’d keep the current system and do your best to accommodate based on occupancy.
    Good Luck with this one.

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    I think that is pretty generous myself, especially when you look at the cost of a room.

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