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    One thing I love about Couples is that you do not nickle and dime us. At the S resorts you pay extra for everything and that is why I do not go there. They even charge for beach cabanas and I don't want to start down that road. Charging more for a request is the beginning of a tiered service system that I come to Couples to avoid.

    I am fine with making a request with no expectation that it will work out. That way, it is the luck of the draw with everyone having an equal chance to get what they want. I am sorry if some people behave badly when they don't get what they want, but I have a feeling the people who do that will quickly find something else to complain about.

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    We also appreciate Couples looking into new ideas to accomodate their guests.
    Would we be willing to pay extra for the room we want...probably.
    Tying it to the rewards program would be even better though

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    Is the extra cash going to be used for Tylenol, for the front desk staff?

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    I guess I'm like some on the MBer's. I couldn't agree more when making reservations for a trip to Couples and decide on room category and that reservation is confirmed, that room category should be yours. Not room number or building number. Sure, to request a specific room or building would be great, but how much time do you spend in the room anyway? Just be happy. Enjoy. Life's too short.

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    He who has spent the most nights at the hotel should win.......

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    If the option was available and at the time we are booking our trip we could afford it, we'd be willing to pay extra for a specific room. Right now we usually have our TA put in a request upon availability. We know we may not get the area we may prefer. Paying extra would be based on our finances at the time of booking. It would be nice to have the option. We sometimes come with friends and it would be nice to be close to each other. Last time we came to CSS, they were in Bldg.A and we were in Bldg.B. It would be nice to at least be in the same building.
    Options are alway good. Even the people who think they'd never spend extra for a specific room may change their mind for a special occasion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mzambo View Post
    I would not pay anything extra. I just want to be sure I get the room category I booked and paid for.

    I am sure all resorts deal with requests for specific rooms, but due to the number of repeat guests at Couples the problem is a bit more bothersome, but I don't know of any resorts that charge to accommodate room requests.

    Further, I think requests made in advance should be ignored completely, and simply not accepted. At check in, however, if a guest requests a room or Bldg/Floor if it is available, then make the guest happy. It is referred to as good customer service.
    To add to my earlier post, Couples needs to realize times are tough, Couples vacations are not inexpensive,(although worth it) and adding more fee's to get what you want in my opinion is going to prompt guests to look elsewhere to more affordable options. This quite frankly reminds me of airlines charging for baggage....... Not a good idea. Leave well enough alone.

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    We have been to Couples 4 times now and are planning both our 5th and 6th trips. We have made requested upon arrive as a way to try out different floors. We have requested buildings as a way to try and get better wifi. We are looking at now trying a different class rooms and will probable request one thing or another once again. We know when booking that once we arrive it is what is available at the time. We are OK with that. We are only making requests. It will not effect our trip if we don't get exactly what we asked for.

    We would NOT pay the extra to stay in a specific room, and think that we would possibly rethink our vacation plans if we knew that we would have to fork out more money to do get a certain floor or building or corner room. We don't want to feel forced into paying for a "good room". We like that once we are there, Couples is working with us to make us happy and giving us the best available. Our requests is just letting them know what we would consider the best.

    As top tier travelers on both Airline and Hotel programs, We would equate this to the airlines charging for bags or other items. Extra room charges seems to go against the "all inclusive" vacation.

    Thanks for asking the question, and listening to the replies you get. We have always enjoyed the resorts and have sung the praises of both the island and the resort, we would not like to see this happen. We can only imagine what would happen on the message board if this happened.

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    So Randy does this mean I could request to cots in the staff area at css and get to stay at css for like half price?

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    While I appreciate the fact that Couples is trying its best to accommodate its guests, I feel you're opening a can of worms trying to fulfill specific requests for floors, buildings, rooms, etc. I personally would have no problem paying an extra $100.00 for a specific room request but how would Couples still make money off a room that stays vacant for a period of time waiting for me (I don't think that $100.00 would offset the vacancy of the room for even one night)???

    I'd rather see room upgrades or requests from repeaters be fulfilled (but based only on availability). As you can probably tell I am now a repeater - honeymooned in Oct. 1984 at Couples Ocho Rios, returned this past October to CTI for our 25th anniversary and am counting the days that we can go back. We had a first floor Deluxe Ocean at CTI - thought I would have liked being on a higher floor but as has been posted here before - you're in Jamaica - everything's good!


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    Sign me up!!

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    Default Put us in the "NO THANKS" category...

    We would not pay more for a specific room, building or floor. To be quite candid, we immediately thought of the "S" resort class system -- eek.

    We don't normally request a specific room at CN. We do request a specific range of buildings because it is easier to lug dive gear from anywhere in Bldgs 1-5 than it is from Bldg 9. If we don't get an upper floor or a specific room, it is not a deal breaker for us.

    I was surprised that there are so many people who would pay extra per night for a particular room. Not judging --it is just not something we would consider since the cost of the vacation is already high and paying extra for a particular room seems to lend itself more to the airline trend of charging for everything.

    It seems that the posts on the MB have added to the enormity of this issue. To us it would seem easier just to reject the posts and enforce policy. If Couples decides to go down this path, we will just make a point to let our TA know not to ever request anything when placing the reservation. I would hate to be charged $250 for requesting "anywhere in Bldg 1-5".


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    Yes, I would be willing to pay up to an extra $100 to get a specific room.

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    Randy excellent suggestion!!!
    1) for those who have special room request for any non medical reason then obviously their pursuit of pleasure (i.e the room location of their choosing) far outweighs the pain of paying the premium.
    2) For those who are opposed it will not impact you.
    You book a room class as you do now you arrive to the resort as you do now and you are given the available room pin that category
    there is no downside for those who are opposed and there is a significant up side to those who are in favor.
    The one post about using reward points is a excellent suggestion. Since the "don't" seem to be returnees it would then offer them a chance to partake without having to pay the rake (the premium)
    To the post who comment about potential never getting a "hot" room it would be simple if you really wanted a "hot room" this method would be the most systematic way for Couples ot facilitate your desire

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    I think this is a horrible idea. This new idea/suggestion makes it sound like there are better rooms in a particular category than others, and only people who want to "pay" for the better rooms are qualified to stay in these rooms. We're going to CTI for the first time in April -- will we be assigned a lesser quality room becauase we didn't request it and pay the extra fee? Doesn't seem fair.

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    I would be happy to pay it and think it is a great idea!

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    I am not in favor of this for several reasons, but the biggest one is how would it be guaranteed....for example, if I want a third floor, corner room in building 8 and pay extra, what happens if 3-4 other people have the same request. If I pay the extra and don't get it, THAT would cause a great deal of disappointment. If I make a request, that I haven't paid extra and don't get it....that is the way it goes and the way it is. I think the policy as is works for the most part. We asked and were granted a third floor room. I like third floor, but I am not willing to pay extra to get a 3rd floor. But what happens if all of the category I want is being "Held" when i get there for other requests. I just think this could end up making more people unhappy than happy. Though I see the responses for some that say yes, they are willing, I think it would be a huge issue for most.

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    This year we were extremely disappointed on arrival to the resort. Paying more for “that special room” might be an option. But, I have a feeling it would still be hard to guarantee a specific room when there are so many avenues to booking at Couples and with constantly changing travel schedules. We have never booked directly though Couples and have always used other travel companies. We do book through an accredited Couples travel agent though.

    I guess I agree Chris on this one. This could get complicated and ruffle some feathers. Good luck.

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    Wow, this has certainly opened up an interesting discussion.

    A couple of points from my own observations of the posts up till now.

    First, I think Randy has proposed this as an optional device for those that have the desire to reserve specific rooms or room locations. It would not be an additional fee that would be imposed on all guests. I have noticed some consternation from some about this being added on to fees for all guests in all rooms.

    Second, I am sure there would be a break point at which this program would be fiscally responsible for Couples to implement it. I would hope that the "normal" room fees would not have to take an upward adjustment in order to subsidise a shortfall due to rooms being held empty for a reservation period.

    Finally, I don't think we, my wife and I, would be in need of such a program. I think that the current format of requesting on arrival is sufficient for us. If our request is available, fine, if not, that's ok too. I really don't think a specific room or even a specific location is important enough to our Couples experience to make or break the deal for us. There are way too many other things we love about CSA for us to be concerned with what particular room we are assigned. I think the fact that there are various room categories at differing price levels gives us plenty to consider in picking our accommodations without the additional worry of where our room is located.

    But that's just me.

    Nice thread Randy. This really seems to be evenly divided, which suprises me. I would not have thought there was so much support for this idea, especially from repeat guests. I really did not think that so many Couples veterans were that particlar about their room locations beyond category level. I must say I'm a bit disillusioned.

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    I say no thanks as well. I like it just the way it is. No specific room guarantees, just your room category. This is opening a huge can of worms in my opinion. I agree with a previous posters about this taking away from our beloved Couples and nickel and diming us to death... like "S" resorts.

    And this would pretty much eliminate any chance of that repeaters upgrade... the "when available" would become "never available"...

    Definitely vote to leave it as is.

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    Wouldn't be worth it to me. I will spending most of my time in and around the resort not in my room.

    Put me in any room you like as long as I am at Couples!

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    Nope, wouldn't do it.

    I'm guessing that newbies who request specific rooms have stayed at other resorts that were huge and just want to be near the action. They don't realize that Couples' resorts are boutique and not monstrous and that there isn't a bad room in the house.

    We have been to 3 of the Couples 5 times and do not make requests. We know that you can't have a bad room at Couples, plus you are not in your room enough to make a difference.

    I do agree with others that this is similar to the airlines and the way they are beginning to nickle and dime their customers. I do not like paying extra just to guarantee that I will get to sit by my husband on the long flight to Jamaica. That is absurd! And I also agree that you are headed down the slippery slope of a class system.

    I'm sorry that your customer service personnel are being treated with disrespect by the guests, but perhaps if you don't allow any requests at all that the situation would be solved.

    I think it is a bad idea and should not be implemented.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I would pay to have a room on the specific floor I request. My husband on the other hand says no way should we pay extra just to have a 3rd floor corner room. But seeing how the prices have already increased at CSA, this may not be a good thing.

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    Interesting idea...definitely something to think about. We do prefer a certain room location (yes, they are all beautiful), but everyone has their preference. I would be willing to pay for a particular floor/room availability. We arrive on the 20th of February so it won't be in place this trip, but keep us posted for next year! Thanks for listening to your guests and thinking of new ways to meet the many requests you receive!

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    No thanks for us, any room is OK in our booking class, and if we do not like the room they put us in Couples will gladly move us. No Problems.

    We do not have a special room, just a special resort and resort chain.
    Irie Mon

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