OK... time to be the grown-up... someone has to, and Couples IS an "Adults Only" resort chain. Seeing Randymon's thread proposing a pay for room preference option kind of set me off. I've slept on it (that's what adults do), and given it a lot of thought. I've decided that there is no way to say what (I feel) needs to be said without ticking someone off, but here goes.

First, for those who have not been to Couples, it is generally true that the rooms are categorized, as is done with many resort chains. Once inside your room, you can close the door and windows, look around you, and be assured that your neighbors' room will look pretty much the same. At SweptAway (our experience), this is particularly true... the rooms within a category, indeed between some categories, are pretty much cookie cutter. Your neighbor's room is not "bigger, better, nicer" than yours, or vice versa.

Once outside your room, not much changes. Each room is the same as others in their respective category. Nothing about any comparable room makes it "bigger, better, nicer" than the one next to it. When your neighbors step out of their room, they are getting the same view of the beach, the ocean, the gardens, the palm trees, and so on, as you get when you step out of yours, and yes, you still paid as much or as little as your neighbors.

I'm going to offer one, and only one, caveat to this scolding missive. It IS perfectly understandable that certain needs should be accommodated. Those that are unable to negotiate stairs should, indeed, be assigned a ground floor accommodation within their selected booking class (or better, per Couples policy). You'll get no argument from me, an adult, on that one.

Finally, let me add that the photos of the accommodations throughout the Couples brochures and websites are of actual accommodations. The only thing airbrushed on those photographs are the people. Everything else is real... don't doubt that one bit!

So please... grow up; be an adult... don't stress about whether your room on a second floor or in a particular building is going to offer somewhat more or less (in any way) than the one two buildings over or the one below yours, or the one above yours. Its not. Your Atrium suite is the same... your Beachfront Verandah suite is the same... your GreatHouse Verandah suite is the same. There is no "best"... for that matter, there is no "better". If you like the look of an Atrium Suite, book it. If you want to be right on the beach, book something that says "Beachfront" in the room classification... its that simple!

Now, you can commence flaming away. I'm an adult, and I can take it. And Randymon... thanks for all you and your staff do!