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    Default Repeaters dinner question?

    Has anyone ever been at CN for 2 Mondays at one stay and if so are you allowed to go to the repeaters dinner twice in one stay?
    Thanks, Kim

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    I have been there for two Mondays but we only went once, and only got an invite for one of them. I think we arrived on a Monday and went to the second one a week into our stay.

    As much as I enjoy it, I'd only want to go to one per trip.

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    I don't think I could handle two per trip. It is nice, but it is too loud to even have a conversation.

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    You used to be able to, but if you now look at the fine print on the Romance Reward page, it says you only get one Repeater's Dinner invitation per trip.
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    You can always ask to attend two. They used to invite you to both, but changed the rules in the last year. We were asked by the manager if we wanted to go a second time when he realized we had not been invited, but we had already made reservations somewhere else. It is nice to get invited to both as we have various friends who arrive and stay at different times while we are there.

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