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    Default Buy Sunscreen a little at a time.

    Everytime you find yourself in Target or Wallmart, or when you see it on sale, grab a bottle of sunscreen. It can be very expensive if you buy all the SPF's at once, but if you do it a little at a time it is not such a big bite in your budget.

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    Default Yes indeed!

    And, make sure you don't keep it too long. It does expire and lose its we sadly found out one painful vacation years ago.
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    Check the expiration dates too !
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    Good idea Marie!!! Thanks

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    Just buy it all in September when it is on clearance.

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    September purchase is ok for a fall / winter trip, but the shelf life on sun screen is about a year. You will probably need to buy fresh if you are not traveling till the next summer.

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    I didn't know sunscreen had a shelf life. I just figured it was always good, but I will say that I have never burned even with old sunscreen. Guess I should go through my cabinet and toss some out. I have some that is probably over 10 years old.
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