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    My fiance and I will be heading to CTI for our wedding on 11/6/10. How is the weather and the resort crowd at that time of year? As far as the crowd, I'm speaking more about the size so it can give us a better chance to meet new people. I have been in love with the destination wedding for a while now and just want to make sure everything goes off w/o a hitch.

    Soon2b Mrs"H"

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    Here's to the future Mrs. H!! We will also be there in November, 10-24. Believe me, there will be no "hitches". After all, this is Couples. There is a Meet Up thread for CTI, "Official November 2010" add your names to the list.

    and welcome to the family


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    Thank you so much for your response Richie. I have read so many great things about Couples and I cannot wait. November seems years away. Have you been to CTI before? I have also read in a few places that it is very windy and a lot of the water sports are often cancelled. I'm curious as to what the weather is like during this time?

    I will be sure to add our names to the list. Thanks for the heads-up!!!


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