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    Default Need some advice

    The background: my wife (of 27 years) and I are planning a trip to Jamaica this summer. I would like to try AN, but my wife is reluctant. I had hoped to find a resort that was clothing optional so I could partake, I suspect that (after a while) my wife might gradually 'join in' if we were not too public.

    I was a bit disappointed to find CSS and CTI AN facilities to be nude only, with the double whammy of couples only (so I can't go by myself. Not even an early morning skinny dip.) There's a good chance she'll veto Couples for fear of being pressured into something.

    But, before I give up on this... how does this actually work? (Be gentle, I'm new to this). At CTI, do you take the boat out, and strip right there on the pier? Or could she stay clothed until she reaches a secluded spot (to the right from what I hear) and then give it a try?

    Or, at CSS/SSB (I think I'm getting the hang of the code words) do you walk clothed to your preferred spot, lie down and strip, or are you expected to be nude everywhere?

    I'm hoping there are some answers out there.


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    At both locations you arrive clothed and find a lounger, layout your towel and then you remove your suit. You do not strip on the pier, CTI, or on the tree line, CSS.

    If you want a first time place that is more private, then you may want to look at CTI. You can get off the boat and turn right. The right side of the island is less used and you will most likely be alone until she is ready to have a drink. The left side of the island has the bar and pool.
    The island is split in two by the tower, you can not see or be seen from the other side.

    Irie Mon

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    CTI: you undress once you get your spot picked out. If you go to the right side of the island, it is more secluded and there is less interaction. Hang out there for a while, and before too long, she may feel comfortable enough to head to the pool area. SSB: again, undress once you get your spot picked out and are settled in. SSB is big enough that you can find a private spot. No worries, either choice will be terrific. In my case, I was afraid of the "perfect bodies". After some interaction, it became obvious that ALL had perfect bodies. They are all perfect in the eyes of their mate. How great is that? Enjoy.

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    You stay completely clothed until you get to your designated spot and then disrobe once you are ready. I would go and set up my lounge chair and towel. Then, as I was ready to sunbathe, I would disrobe. The AN areas are pretty private from the textile beaches. It really is not a big deal. I just tried AN for the first time last year. It was just a bunch of really nice people of all ages, shapes and sizes out there enjoying the gorgeous weather and some cocktails. That was it. There is nothing to be pressured into. Hope that helps.

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    Dave --
    I can only answer for CN and CTI (having not been to CSS/Sunset Beach -although it's on the agenda for 2011!!)
    At Couples AN facilities you would not have to "strip at the door" per se....

    At CTI - you take the boat over to the island, wander and find your spot, move your chairs into position, lay down towel, then take off coverup.
    Once you get off the boat, go straight ahead, you'll see the pool and bar - that's where it will be more social, If you're looking for secluded,go right.... more island and private area.
    If your wife is apprehensive - I'd say that CN AN is probably not the best to introduce her to All Nude Beach time... it is surrounded by hedges and a very quiet and easy going place, however it does have the "public" beach front where folks will be walking the shoreline.
    Although if she's not willing to go at all, you might be more "okay" at the CN AN beach by yourself. I've seen a guy there without his wife for several hours and the security guard never said anything. (as soon as I hit post reply, I'm going to look at the "rules" of couples AN, LOL) If nothing else, if you're totally fine with the nude thing... you could pull your lounger next to the hedge and she could put hers on the clothed side and (technically) both live in happiness!! LOL
    I know that at CTI in 2007 - my husband went back to our room from the island for something, and a different "boat crew" almost didn't bring him back to the island because they said he couldn't go without his "girl". LOL it was all good in the end!

    You might want to explore why it is that your wife is reluctant...ask her about her feelings on it...

    am I niave enough to think there is no one out there "looking" at how short/small/fat/large/hairy/smooth/tall we are?!?!? pish, no! however, I do realize that I probably won't see these people again, and YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

    Jamaica is MY time, and I only get to "live" that way every March!

    sorry for the book of a response!

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    Or, at CSS/SSB (I think I'm getting the hang of the code words) do you walk clothed to your preferred spot, lie down and strip, or are you expected to be nude everywhere?
    On SSB you can walk to your spot and then disrobe but if you get up and move around you must remain nude. The great thing about SSB is the size of the beach - it's huge and spread out so you could both go to the far side and be totally alone and private. We started out there but quickly made it to the pool and then spent the rest of our time socializing around the pool and bar.

    If your wife chooses to join you I am sure she would feel comfortable because the opposite side of the beach is much quieter and private. If you choose to take a walk and go check out the bar and pool you have that option and she can remain where she is if she chooses to.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Default Don't worry!

    If you are going to CTI or CSS, and they find out, you will have to strip right at the airport!!!

    Ok, so in reality, it's ok, no worries.! I can only speak for SSB. You will have time to pick a spot on the beach before removing anything! The beach is big enough that no one will bother you! You can tell your spouse that!.. The only problem is that you will keep looking over saying, all those people around the pool seem to be having so much fun, you will want to join in after a day or two!
    Good luck!

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    Default Well, as it happens...

    So... We booked a week in June at CSS. It looked like the choice in rooms was beginning to diminish (especially CTI) so we decided to act. Are we heading over to the AN beach? We will have to discuss that during a romantic moment.

    Someone asked what my wife's concerns were: her figure. She has battled weight gain for a while and has perhaps a poor self image. Of course I love her just the way she is.

    Anyway, far end of the beach at CSS/SSB sounds like a good bet. Perhaps though, someone can explain what happens at 5? If you arrive after 5 do you have to keep your clothes on?

    Not to start a rant on the body appearance thing, but I blame Hollywood. IMHO TV and movies share a lot (all?) of the blame for a false (and unrealistic) proposition that everyone has the same concept of the ideal body. Not only that, but an additional expectation that there are no people outside that ideal. Sory.
    Rant--. Got carried away.

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    Hi Dave, have a look at the pictures attached to this thread. They're a great sampling of shapes and sizes you will see on the AN beach. As you will see, the sampling is no different from what you will find on the non-AN beaches. If you think it will help ease your wife's angst, share them with her as well.


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    Dave, Tell you wife not to worry about her body shape. I too have battled weight all my life, and still am. I am a 54 year old mother of 4, who is definitely over weight. You see all kinds on SSB. The only "near perfect" bodies I saw were a few newlyweds on our first trip. The majority of those we saw were over 40, and none had "perfect bodies" at least from what I noticed. Beachwed is right. I am sure most people look, but no one cares because no one is really happy with their body. So, go, relax, and enjoy!

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    Default Dave, dont worry!!

    Tell your wife the other couples going to SSB are not there to judge you or your wife. No one is spending thousands of dollars to fly to Jamaica just to see you or I naked. They are going to CSS and SSB to spend time naked with their spouse and have some fun. No one cares how large or small you are.

    Go the first day to SSB, and turn right. You can drag two lounge chairs all the way to the right. Other couples won't even know you are there!!.....One warning, if we are there the same week as you (6/22-6/30) we will most likely walk over one day and ask you guys to join everyone else at the pool.

    At 5pm, other couples walk over to SSB to take pictures. You don't have to get dressed, but most start heading back to get ready for dinner!

    Have a great time!

    CSS 6/22/2010

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    Do they sell cigars on the island where my babe and I can enjoy a good smoke?

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