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    Default Questions about CSA for previous visitors

    To All:

    I will be traveling to CSA for the first time this Summer for my honeymoon. I was wondering if all rooms have a mini fridge and if ordering drinks(beer, wine, liquor) to the room is included with the reservation of the atrium suite? If anyone has any recommendations on what we should do there PLEASE tell. We are looking forward to hearing any ideas! Thanks everyone

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    There are no mini bars in Atrium rooms. The room descriptions are very specific on this website as to which room categories include a mini bar. We love the Atrium rooms personally.

    You cannot order drinks to the room as the only room service is in the morning - and it is delightful to enjoy your first morning cup of blue mountain coffee out on your balcony. There are plenty of bars scattered around the property for when you want a drink and you can bring whatever you wish back to your room.

    Enjoy CSA as it is a very special resort.

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    There are also no refrigerators in the garden suites. The only rooms that have them are those listed as having a mini-bar. All of the room descriptions are here:

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    One of our most favorite things to do at CSA is opening a bottle of wine or champagne and sitting on the beach at sunset. Ask at the bar at the Palms if they will give you a bottle and a couple of glasses if you don’t have the room category that has the bar.

    Good memories

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    The BFVS does have a mini bar and it is included in the "all-inclusive". Enjoy your stay there - it's magical!

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