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    This sounds like a definite possibility for us! We're getting married at CSS and have 2 other couples coming with us. We're arriving at different times but all leaving at the same time. I don't see any information on the limo company itself though. Can you provide?
    Also, read your story on the Valentine's Day page. Loved it! You just never know when love is going to find you. My fiance and I have been friends for 26 years and were actually at each other's weddings! We finally figured out what everyone else seemed to already know once we were both single again. Life is just too short, so enjoy every moment to its fullest!
    Life can certainly turn at a moments notice.....for good or bad. My life has returned to the good. Congratulations on marrying your best friend. Some time in the near future, I will be marrying my best friend too! Here's the info: It's Montego Bay Limo Tours, Howard 718-881-4290 876-953-7459 or Hope that helps, and enjoy!

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    Ge -

    Thanks for sharing the info - this sounds like a lot of fun, and a nice splurge. Please don't take to heart the postings of any of the negative nellies on this board - some people just can't see beyond their own opinions (IMHO) :-)
    I don't.......and thanks!

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    I've read many great posts about Timair. However, if you're a little skiddish of flying, and worried that maybe weather conditions might not allow flying, the next best travel option (besides the bus), is the Limo service. We contacted the service the night before we arrived. We ordered a White Stretch (9 passenger) limo, and had them put Red Stripe and Champagne in there. The Limo was $400 plus a 20% gratuity ($480.00). The drinks were $43. The Limo was waiting for us at the airport.....the Red Stripe and Champagne were iced, and our driver, Dwight, was in a black suit and hat.....very nice! The drive was pleasant, not rushed or scary; as can be on a bus. We needed to relieve ourselves of the Red Stripe, so Dwight pulled over to a very nice place. We arrived at CSA ahead of the bus. At 7 am on our departure day, Dwight was waiting with the car when we arrived in the lobby. We hadn't drank our champagne the first trip, so we brought it along, and had a leisurely drive as we sipped our champagne. We arrived at the airport in an hour! Of course Sunday there isn't much traffic. The experience was wonderful.......that's the way we will travel from now on from the airport to the resort. There was a group of people who saw us getting in our limo and asked about the price.......they had never thought of ordering a limo, and if you have several couples, the price might be more affordable. Something to think about for your next trip. That's the only way we'll travel from now on.
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