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    Default Booked out! CSA busy in March!

    After joining the messge board and reading all threads I really wanted to upgrade my standard Garden room to an Atrium but CSA is all booked out over my travel dates March 3-10. I kind of expected this but still thought it was worth trying. questions is...what garden room building number would you recommend? I think we would defintely enjoy being on the second floor and as central and far away from the road as possible.

    Any recommendations???

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    All of the garden suites are along the back side of the resort, backing up to the road. Someone could recommend their favorite room, but Couples does not take requests for specific rooms.

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    The top end unit closest to the fish pond was a favorite of ours in the Garden room category.

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    You will get what is available. It will be as good as any other. SORRY, BUT WE NEED to stop the insanity of what room is better than the next room. PLEASE! Each category is priced as to the location relative to the BEACH. There are 4 original lines, Beach Front, Ocean View, Atrium, and Garden. The new section is a bit different but just think, front to back…beach to garden. All the rooms in each class are basically the same except the floor. I’m sorry if I am being short but it is the truth. Basically

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