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    Default Swimming to and from the Island at CTI

    OK, my husband is nuts. He swam both to and from the Island at CTI An both ways. Who else has tried this? His last attempt was to strip nude on the pier and dive and swim to the Island, it was too funny as the orientation was happening at the same time. Any similar experiences?

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    ddc -

    I read your post on our CSS Review and Pictures thread on the main MB. It sounds like you're going back to CSS in April? When will you be there? We were there the first week in Feb, and loved it so much we've booked to go back, April 2 - 10.

    Our first A/N experience was at GLB soon after we got together. We loved the experience! We wish the beach at SSB was a little less rocky, but we're going prepared this time with water shoes. The view from SSB is so beautiful!

    We are fortunate enough to have a fairly private back yard, even though we're in the city, and spend the summer around our pool A/N, from May to September.

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    I have seen people swim back and forth to the island, but for me, it looks like to much work. I have only seen clothed people swim to the island, never seen anyone come out of the water nude.

    I am into 12 oz curls for my workout when I am at CTI.
    Irie Mon

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    My husband and I and another couple (after much drinking) thought it would be WAY faster to swim to the mainland with floaties rather than waiting for the boat to take us back. Let's just say it wasn't and it wasn't one of our smarter moments. It is a great memory though and got my hubby the nickname "The Admiral" because of our Floatie army...or more appropriately navy.


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    Karen, can't decide on date LOL. Likely either March 26 - April 3rd or April 9 - 16th. Then the big decision to split with CTI or not....we love CSS.

    I suppose you were there when we were last time. We were at CTI then onto CSS.

    Take it you took Westjet. How was it????

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    ddc -
    We were at CSS from Jan 29th to Feb 6th. We went to CTI on Monday, Feb 1st, but it was a cloudy and very windy day. We went out to the island for a couple of hours, but it wasn't very pleasant because of the wind. We had lunch at CTI, then caught a taxi back to CSS. Funny, when we got back, there was no wind at CSS at all!

    We flew West Jet out of Ottawa, and took Air Canada home (doing the same this time). Both flights were great. The last few trips we've booked hotel and flight separate, so we can stay longer. It works out to be cheaper as well. This time we've booked a penthouse suite for 8 nights, which was less than a deluxe ocean for 7 nights with a package deal.

    We are from Kingston, and can fly out of Toronto or Ottawa, but it's so much easier out of Ottawa. Where are you from???

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    Karen we are from Ottawa. Looks like as of this minute we are doing March 26 - April 2 (CSS). Westjet costs have gone down. Ya MAn. We must have been at the same place, I am a red head and I do not think that there were any others that I noticed on CSS or CTI. CTI was windy but not at the pool area. The Tower helps keep the wind down. Glad to know you can do the West Jet/Air Canada opinion. Man decisions.......

    It is so great to be going back no matter exactly which time and where.

    we have friends that we met last year at CSS that are at CTI this year around the same time. Maybe we can meet up with them with the trading places. They were so nice and have had a tough year. Amazing how you bond with folks.

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    We have met so many wonderful people while vacationing in Jamaica, many of whom we still keep in contact with.

    The West Jet flight is in to MBJ at 11:30 am, and the AC flight doesn't leave until 7:30 pm coming home, so it gives us about the longest stay we could have. We have never been this excited about going back to the same resort again so soon.

    We will most likely be at SSB during most of the day on the 2nd and 3rd of April, so look us up and come and say hi!

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    Hi Karen, we will be 2 of those sad faces that you see getting on the flight when others are getting off you inlcuded. we are doing WJ March 26 to April 2. What the hell only 7 nights this time, but better than nothing especially since we did 10 nights in Feb! Maybe next year we will connect.

    Do you know of any good places in Ont for AN (near Ott)? If so, please connect with me at we found one in Cassleman but other suggestions are welcome. After all you cannot be in JA all year long!

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    Awe, that's too bad we won't get the chance to meet this trip. You're right, we'll be getting off the plane you will be boarding, that sucks doesn't it? We'll wave to you!

    We haven't been to any AN places in Ontario, didn't know there were any, we'll have to check out the one you went to in Casselman (where is Casselman?)

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    Hi Karen, Casselman is outside of Ottawa aboout 30 mins on the way to Montreal. E-mail me at and I will let you know where it was. Not fancy but a nice alternative. There are others as well.

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