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    Default When do I get my plane tickets?

    Hi everyone... I booked through couples a few weeks ago directly... my vacation is in may, and I completely forgot to find out when I receive all of my airline info... do I just go to the airport with my id on the day of my trip?

    Christiana & Brad

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    chrisk....this is our 4th trip to couples(5 weeks hence).. BUT..the 1st time we booked land/air solely through the Couples website...I was wondering this myself, and called...they told me that all you need is your confirmation for your flight(s), to obtain a boarding pass AT the airport, and to just SHOW UP at the couples lounge with your problem, mon...they don't send you anything in the mail...Our past trips were through travel agencies(online) and they mailed/fedexed documents, luggage tags, etc...but no one ever asked for any documents that I can remember

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    If you're sure you've booked air with Couples, you should know the airline, and have an itinerary confirmation for that airline.

    Airlines don't issue tickets much anymore, except for a fee. Normally, they will issue an e-ticket, which is basically the itinerary and confirmation number. Point of fact, even that doesn't get you on the plane.

    Instead, you need only present your name and passport at check-in (agent or kiosk) and you will be issued your boarding pass(es).

    Find your AIRLINE confirmation number, go to the airline's website and use the number to check your reservation. That's it!


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    Yes, just show up at the airport. However, you should have a flight confirmation number just in case. We have never booked our flights through Couples, but I would assume your flight confirmation would be on your hotel confirmation.
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    Did you get a confirmation number? That is usually all you need. Just check in with the airline the day before online, and enter your confirmation number and name.

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    Thanks for making that point IACouple... I was just going to chime in on that. chrisK should do that just to monitor their flight itinerary for possible changes.

    It won't hurt to set up a frequent flyer or e-mail account with the airline you're flying on JUST for the notifications they should provide you if there is a change in your itinerary.

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    We have booked through Couples and the airlines has all your info. Just keep a copy of your itinerary.

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    you don't really get tickets'll get an e-ticket! Just make sure to monitor everything for changes. Thank god to this site for the heads up about Air Jamaica. We booked through and I STILL have not heard anything from them except for today that the final payment it due. If I would not have read that here, more than likely I would still be on an AJ flight...

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    You definitely should set up an account with the airline. We booked our entire trip through Couples, our flight is on Delta. We are frequent flyers, so once I received our confirmation number with Delta, I went on the site to add our FF numbers and get our seat assignments. Two weeks later, I received an email with flight time changes, both arriving and departing. The great news is that we are arriving an hour earlier and departing an hour later!

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