My boss and his wife are headed to CSS in December for their 30th wedding anniversary. I have suggested a Vow renewal for them. He is interested in surpising his wife with it. He also surpised her with this trip. We planned everything and even called her boss to get the time off. I had so much fun planning the trip. I am so excited for them. I love Couples and can't wait to share it with them.

I would love to hear some suggestions:
What is a good time?
What is a good location?
Which cake do you suggest?

Shari and James what are your thoughts? I know you did your vow renewal at CSS. Was it worth it? Does the coordinator call you before you arrive or do you plan the whole thing when you get there? Will it be ok that she does not know about the ceremony before she gets there? Will a sundress for her and khakis for him be ok? As you can see I have lots of questions. If it is easier to email me you can....