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    Default camouflage swim trunks???

    Hi everyone! I've read recently that wearing camouflage in Jamaica is considered very offensive. My concern is that to our first trip to CSA my boyfriend bought a pair of camouflage swim trunks at the Couples gift shop and has worn them on six subsequent Couples trips. He loves them and only wears them at Couples because he calls it his special Couples swim suit. Have we been inadvertently offending everyone we come across???? I've hid the bathing suit until I find out for sure, I don't want to be at CSA in April making that faux pas again!!

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    If it's camouflage, then no one will see it, right?

    I don't know the answer, but I would assume that if Couples sells it in their gift shop, it isn't offensive.

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    It's not offensive......
    it's illegal to wear camouflage in an attempt to impersonate Jamaican Military or Law Enforcement personnel . It doesnt really apply to most tourists who dress in casual Camo clothing . We wear Camo anywhere we want, so do some Jamaicans- if it's fashionable - not the authentic type
    Dont read too much into it. Some people advise against it in the airport but...

    What's funny is that IT IS offensive to go into town dressed inappropriately in a swimsuit top or skimpy clothing....or go to Church in shorts and bare tops... But many tourists never worry about that!
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