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    Default CTI - May 16th - May 23rd!

    Hello Everyone!

    My fiance and I will be taking our Honeymoon trip to CTI! We are very excited, and were wondering if anyone from the message boards will be there that week!

    Also, what are some of the "must do/must see" items we should make sure are on our schedule?!?! There's alot of great information on these message boards!!

    Thanks in advance!


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    We will be there also for our Honeymoon. May 17-27 at CTI. There are alot more May CTI people going, you should check out the Meet-Up at Couples Thread, under CTI, and the May Posts. There is a list of who is all going and what days!!!

    80 more days.......

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    Dunns Falls is a must,Cat cruise was fun as was the Glass Bottom boat, Margaritavile was ok.

    TI of course even if you just check it out and head back to the main beach.

    Enjoy your Honeymoon!

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