We've been here for 12 days, and this is what I see...First timers, pay attention; repeater's, you should know better!!

Every morning the pool is being vacuumed and maintained. Delroy is busy cleaning the beach, setting people up and raking the sand so it looks like God put it there special, just for you.

Kirk, Everald and Byron are running happy arrivals with their piles of luggage to their new "homes". Always happy, always smiling, always accomodating.

Denise has been to our room sometime during the morning and it is always beautiful, neat and tidy with fluffy white towels nicely hung.

Sean tends to all the people on the beach. Hundreds of times a day (day after day) you can see him run up and down the steps with fresh drinks, which he delivers with a smile and witty conversation.

At the bar on any given day, Camille, Kenesha, Casrine, Randeil, Simone, Nicholette, Antoinette, or one of countless others will be happy to serve you whatever you want.

Every morning at The Patio I wait not for my coffee and water, because Adrian, Jamar, Chudianne or one of the others is right at my elbow ready to pour--it's because I am important to them, so they keep an eye out for me.

I have been to the Spa and Fenella, LaToya or Windsong has made me feel amazing, relaxed and refreshed.

There are folks in the back cooking. There are others who put this food out all day, every day. Myma Sue will cook your eggs to order; just tell her what you would like. And Rushane will get you pancakes or waffles right away.

I have seen Desmond around the grounds keeping them perfect and lovely. You might notice that the sand is only on the beach. How do you think that happens? Or you may notice that there are never wet-glass rings on the little tables. Wonder about that? Do ya think a magic fairy takes care of every little detail? Nope, it's the staff.

At day's end when I return to my room for the evening, a lovely spirit has been in to turn the bed down so it invites me to rest and ready myself for yet another day in paradise.

So, do you get my drift yet? Hope so, cuz...

I haven't mentioned a tenth of the people who bust their butt every day so you have a good vacation. They want you to come "home" again. It will enable them to keep their jobs.

Why do I look down from the most beautiful tropical view from my terrace and count no less that 14 abandoned towels left laying around the pool? Why do I see cigarette butts laying around tucked into odd places along with half-gone drinks?

I repeat myself when I say: If you haven't brought your mother with you, pick up after yourself!! These Jamaican people work long and hard day-after-day. They sing in the hallways and will bend over backward to see that your desires are met, and this is how you repay that dedication?

We sometimes have a good knuckle shake and one word keeps appearing along with that, and that word is RESPECT.

Please respect the people who work so hard to see that your vacation is wonderful.


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