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    Default Valentine's Day Best Story Contest. Win 7 nights

    The year was 2002, and Valentine's Day was quickly approaching. I was in college at NYU, and I had been telling my girlfriend that I didn't believe in Vday, that it was just a way to sell overpriced chocolates and flowers to the impressionable masses.

    "I surprise you with flowers and little romantic things all the time, not because it’s a certain day or society tells me to, but because I love you," I would say.

    But secretly, I had been planning things for weeks--see no matter how much I dislike the direction Valentines days has gone in, I love being romantic, and could never pass up an opportunity.

    She had been talking about this Broadway play that she had wanted to see, so I bought us tickets to see it, made reservations at our favorite Japanese restaurant in NYC, and of course I had a few other things up my sleeves.

    "Listen, please don't be disappointed, but I am really not going to brave the prix fixed, overpriced menus, and all that, so just come over to my place, and I will make us a nice dinner. Dress up, so it makes it seem more special," I told her. She was totally fine with this, and excited to wear a new dress (that I had gotten for her a few weeks prior).

    Valentine's Day had finally arrived. She showed up in her new dress, looking absolutely stunning, and I told her, "Ok, so I have been swamped at school, and I didn't have time to get to the store to buy stuff for dinner, so let's just go out and grab something and bring it back."

    We arrived at the Japanese restaurant, and when we got to the hostess, my girlfriend said, "I know its Valentine's Day, but do you have any tables available?"

    To which I quickly interjected, "Reservation for two, under Russell."

    The look on her face was priceless: it was a combination of total joy, surprise, and the I can't believe you tricked me face! We had a wonderful dinner--the evening couldn't have been going any better. Eating delicious food, and being with the woman I love--what could be better? We finished dinner, and she asked for the desert menu. I told her that I had baked a cake, and that we would just have that when we got back to the apartment. Of course, we weren't going to the apartment, we were walking a few blocks to the Theater to see Metamorphosis, on Broadway. Again, completely surprised when I pulled out the tickets.

    The show was amazing, the stories, the technical aspects, and the acting were superb. The play definitely lived up to the hype. We couldn't stop talking about it as we were walking to catch a cab. It was Valentine's Day evening in NYC, so catching a cab was next to impossible. We finally flagged one down, and this couple came running over as we were getting in.

    "Where are you two headed? We have been waiting forever for a cab; can we split it with you?" said the couple.

    "We are headed to the Plaza Hotel," I said.

    "Yeah, we are going to the Plaza," my girlfriend said, because she didn't feel like sharing a cab with strangers.

    We got in the cab, and she proceeded to tell the driver the address of my apartment. I told her "No, we are going to the Plaza!"

    (The other thing up my sleeve was actually the best part of the night. I had convinced all of her closest friends and their significant other, to dress in suits or tuxedos, and fancy dresses, and meet us at the Plaza Hotel for desert at 10:30pm.)

    "I just want you to know how much I love you, how happy you make me, and how much fun my life is with you by my side. Thank you so much! Let's go to the Plaza," I said with a huge smile.

    When we arrived at the Plaza and all her friends were waiting in the Lobby, she looked and me and started crying. She gave me the greatest hug, and kiss, and told me she loved me. It was truly an amazing night, everything fell into place, and I couldn't have had a better time. It was the best Valentine's day I had ever had!

    That is the story of my most memorable Valentine's day. Now it is your turn! Please share your most memorable/romantic/eventful Valentine's Day story with us. We will choose our Top 10, and you all will vote on your favorites. First place will receive a 7 night stay at your favorite Couples Resort. Second place will receive a 4 night stay, third place will receive a 3 night stay and each of the 10 finalists will receive two movie tickets for your own “date night”.

    We can't wait to read your stories, and we hope this thread inspires you to do something special on Valentine's day this year! Good luck, and may the best story win!

    The Rules:

    1. Stories must be submitted on the Message Board by February 28, 2010

    2. Couples Resorts’ Miami Office staff will select what we believe to be the top 10 stories.

    3. The 10 winning entries will be posted again on the message board and a poll will be started so that you all may vote as well for the best story.

    4. Only one vote per user allowed.

    5. Poll will close on March 15 and winner will be announced on March 16.

    6. Winning stays may not be combined with any other offers or promotions. Airfare not included. Travel will be valid in the minimum category at the selected resort from April 1, 2010 – March 31, 2011 with the following blackout restrictions: CSA/CNG – October 8-11, 2010; CSS/CTI – January 14-17, 2010; All resorts- December 26, 2010 – January 1, 2011 and February 12 – 26, 2011.

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    My most memorable Valentines day:

    The year was 2006 it was a day like any other, as I am not much into celebrating Valentines Day so I thought nothing of it and the plans we had for that evening. (My boyfriend at the time, Sean and I had been dating for about 2.5 years I really wanted to get engaged and I was growing somewhat impatient, I thought it was going to happen that Christmas but it didn't so I forgot about it for a while and moved on)

    Sean and I had plans to go to dinner and then out to an OAR concert we had tickets to, the night started out like any other night we would go out. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to me. We arrived at the Tornado room for a nice dinner we had some wine, talked about the concert to come that evening (now that I look back on it Sean seemed a bit "off" he was impatient and in a bit of a rush it seemed) when dinner finished the waiter came around and asked "Is anyone was up for dessert?" "Of course I relplied", Sean interjected "No we dont' have time we have to make it to the Cellar before the concert!" Which for him was a bit I declined (irritated as I wanted dessert, I ALWAYS order dessert). We left and headed for the Cellar (a restaurant where his sister was a manager at the time) to meet up with some friends before the concert walking down State Street nothing still seemed out of the ordinary.

    We finally arrived down at the cellar and we were sitting at the bar with a few glasses of wine and I asked to see the dessert menu, still wanting something sweet as I was unable to have it at dinner. Sean's sister handed me the dessert menu and I made my selection. As I sang along to the jukebox Sean handed me a few bucks and said "go pick out some songs". I got up and went to pick out a few tunes (little did I know there was an "exchange" happening at the bar behind me...) I came back and sat down at the bar just as a dessert was set down, and the song "Green Eyes" by Coldplay began to play. I looked down and there were two desserts so I pushed one aside for others to share, but nobody wanted any they kept pushing the dessert back at me again, and again insisting that "I eat this one!" "They are the same, I don't need two desserts, I exlaimed!?" Just then I looked down at the other cake and noticed something a bit off, the cake was glimmering, gleaming with sparkle, and as I looked closer I noticed there was a ring placed on the top of the cake. I looked to my left at Sean (or where Sean was) but he was gone...I looked around and then down, and there he was on one knee, "I love you, will you marry me" he said. Completely shocked and stunned it took me a min to digest what was happening, as I didn't answer immediatly he asked again "Will you make me the happiest man in the world, and marry me?" "YES, OF COURSE!" I said as the whole cellar broke out in applause and champagne bottles popped, I looked down at my hand and gave him a kiss. "I love you, it's perfect...this is perfect." I said.

    We did make it to the concert later that evening, but we only stayed for 2songs as both of us were too wired and distracted for a concert. So we met up with some friends and hit the town in celebration. That was the most memorable, and best Valentines I have had.

    We have been married for almost 3 years (in May) and we celebrated our Honeymoon at CSA.


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    Default A day I will never forget....

    Valentine's Day 2009 is a day I will NEVER started as just another busy Saturday. As I lay in the bed before I started my many chores I had a million things on my mind: how cold it was going to be at my son's baseball game today...his high school graduation in we were going to afford college for 2 kids father passed away and was just missing him...and wrapping my husband's Valentine's gift. He had to go to work for a few hours that morning so he leaned over to kiss me goodbye as he was leaving and told me "Happy Valentine's Day" and was sorry but he didnt think he would make the game. When I finally got out of bed I assumed I would find a card and a box of chocolates for me on the kitchen table. Well boy was I wrong! Nothing was there, and with hurt feelings I headed out to the baseball game. It was so cold but they won so that eased the frigid temp a bit. My son went to eat with his teammates so I headed home. When I got there I noticed that my hubby was already home and thought that was strange but really thought no more about it. As I opened the door I noticed that I wasn't greeted by my puppy that is always there and also I noticed something on the was a trail of Hershey's Kisses! I followed the trail as it led to our bedrooom. The closer I got I could hear "One Love" playing on the CD player. As I walked into the room, my puppy was sitting on the bed beside a heart-shaped box of candy. He had a red ribbon around his neck with a small card attached that said "open the candy". I opened the box and there was a card that said "I have Kissed the ground you walk on for 25 we are going back to Couples Negril so the sun can kiss your face! As I was reading the card with tears rolling down my face my husband walks out of the closet with his swimsuit on, shades on and a Red Stripe in one hand and airline tickets in the other. Our bedroom is of the Jamaican/tropical decor so the setting was perfect. He had booked the Fall in Love Again package and needless to say not only was this the best Valentine's Day ever but the trip to CN in November for our 25th Anniversary was amazing...AGAIN!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    Default Valentines that i will never forget...

    Ok so mine is a story that I think of often and it reminds me every day how far we have come. My boyfriend ( at the time 1994) and I had just moved in together into a 1 bedroom , tiny tiny little apartment. We were young (22) and silly and madly in love with each other , neither one of us with a good job or any savings. I am possitive that our family and friends thought this will never last but we were determined!

    It was our very first Valentines together, I did the thing most 22 year olds did back then , buy my boyfriend a huge teddy bear and Balloons and a card , spilling out my love for him, and had it delivered to his job, really just to embarrass him. He called me at work and told me how much he loved the gift and explained that mine was waiting at home and that it was something I had always dreamed of having.

    We met when we were 16 so I know I had said often that I would love to be engaged to him one day and I was begining to think this was the day. When I arrived home , there was a note on the door for me to knock so I did getting very excited and nervous all at once. He met me at the door with a blind fold and told me to hold his hand so he could lead me to the living room where he wanted to give me his gift. I was going crazy so I asked for a hint, he said it was very glass like. Well that was it I was bursting with excitement and was dying to rip the blind fold off but he told me to be patient as he wanted it to be perfect!! I could hear him fumbling with something and suddenly I heard something similar to a water fall, and I was thinking how nice he is trying to set a mood. He then told me to take the blind fold off and as I did I was looking at the floor expecting to see him on one knee. To my surprise and shock he was stood beaming from ear to ear next to a brand new Fish aquarium. I just started to laugh and laugh and he was surprised to see that reaction, I explained what I thought it was going to be and we both had a good laugh and sat and enjoyed looking at a couple fish swimming around the tank , kissing fish at that!

    Well a year later he did propose and we were married a year after that . We had a gorgeous wedding but never went on a honeymoon, although we did concieve on the wedding night! We had a boy a year later and a girl 4 years after that . Having a new family we just couldn't go on a true honeymoon until this year ( 13 years after the wedding ) and in 5 days we will be at CN enjoying our first of many more honeymoons!

    I am so looking forward to falling in love all over again and after 23 years knowing him I am so glad that I have this story to remind me how far we have come!

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    Default Valentine's

    My story is nowhere near as traditionally romantic as some I'm sure will be on here, but I can't think of a more romantic one for me.

    My husband proposed to me on Valentine's Day. That's about as traditional as this story gets. Some of my friends' now-husbands filled rooms with flowers or candles and proposed that way. A friend of mine was whisked to New York City as a surprise and proposed to on top of the Empire State building. Another made a meal with every course to remind them of something they've shared together as a couple. Carriage rides, sunset proposals on the beach, rings slipped over the candle on a birthday cake at an expensive restaurant - there are so many romantic ways to pop the question.

    My husband had big plans, too. I had some inkling he might be proposing, so he was going to try to keep the surprise alive. To keep the shape of my gift from giving it all away, he was going to hollow out a book I'd wanted and hide my ring inside it. He was going to give me flowers along with the "decoy" book after a complicated meal he'd cooked himself.

    He had gotten the ring the day before, had hollowed his book out, gotten the fanciest wine two poor graduate students can afford, and picked some recipes. On Valentine's Day, we rolled out of bed and headed to the gym - our usual Saturday morning. I was driving. Halfway there, he told me he couldn't wait any longer and proposed. No hidden ring, no flowers, no fancy dinner, he couldn't even get on one knee because we were in the car. I had to pull the car over so we could put the ring on, hug, and make calls to our family. My parents were in the hospital at the time, as my dad was going through chemotherapy. He'd been battling cancer for almost two years by then. Our call to them brought joy that they were sorely missing at that time. My dad's illness sadly progressed after that, and he didn't make it to our wedding the following summer. But he adored my husband and had so much comfort knowing that we were going to get married.

    That night, we set out the flowers, cooked dinner together, drank some wine, and he showed me the decoy book. We laughed as we kept hearing from friends, "He proposed HOW?!?!" I can see their point - looking back, we weren't the most romantic sight. We were still bleary-eyed from sleeping and looked pretty scuzzy in our gym clothes. We were driving the cruddy old car I'd had for years (and still have now). It was bleak and gray outside. Even so, nothing could have been more romantic than to have married the man who, despite his big romantic plans, couldn't wait a second more to be engaged to me.

    And, yes, we did end up going to the gym that day.

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    Default My best valentine's day ever!

    I was 17 and a senior in high school when I joined the Army National Guard. Until I could graduate and ship out to basic training I had to attend monthly "drill" meetings on the weekends. These meetings were intended to prepare people for basic training; in fitness and other common knowledge areas. I had made a lot of friends while I was there, but one particular guy had a big crush on me. On Valentine's day I agreed to go to dinner with him. I wasn't big on celebrating this "holiday" and since we weren't dating I really didn't think anything of it. On our way to dinner he said he had to stop at his brother's house to drop off a computer and set it up. At that point he told me to wait in the car because he would only be a couple of minutes. After about 5 minutes he comes back out to the car and told me to come in because it was taking longer than he anticipated. When we walked in the doorway there were candles lit, the lights were dimmed, and there was music playing softly on the stereo. At this point I'm sure my face was beet red! Then he asked me to dance. Nothing extravagant- just slowly turning in circles like young couples do who know nothing about real dancing! Then we sat on the couch and he said that he would be right back. He returned with a dozen daisies and a charm bracelet. He bought daisies because he recalled a time overhearing that I liked them! The charm bracelet was cute; it had a guardian angel, a cross, and a little bear. The guardian angel was to watch over me while I was in basic and advanced training. The cross was because of my faith, and the bear was to remind me of that very exact moment. And then he pulled out a stuffed bear and handed it to me. After a while of chatting we went to a fancy dinner and enjoyed our meal there. Afterwards he took me to the parking lot of where we first had met (drill- it was at a college, so it wasn't very scenic). But we ended up talking under the stars and he told me that he had one last gift for me. He pulled a poem that he wrote to me out of his pocket. As he read it to me (he actually read it TO me!) his eyes began to well up with tears. The only part that I remember was the ending in which said, "and these three roses mean I love you." And he handed me three beautiful red roses. I wish I still had the poem to share because it's the best part of the story. Anyways, he basically was hoping that I would wait for him because within that week he was shipping out to basic training.

    I agreed. And that's how the night ended! Unfortunately, there was no happy ending and that's basically where the relationship ended, too, because I was shipped to Iraq right after basic training. However, it was still the best Valentine's day that I have ever had and probably ever will have. It's amazing that young kids can be so romantic. I think he was 19 years old. I'm 26 now and he's probably 28. Time flies And hopefully I'll fly too on vacation

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    Default Valentine’s 2010…lifetime in the making.

    Life is funny…you simply never know what can be around the next corner and for the events that led to this magical day; words simply don’t do it justice. Stacie and I grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, even shared many of the same friends, but never through the span of us growing up and graduating did we ever meet. We both went different ways in our life. Me to college down south and she remained in our home town to attend school. Things never really seemed to go our way, especially in matters of relationships. We both came from broken homes that allowed us many freedoms growing up, but very little to protect us from our own inability to meet someone who would give us the respect we always hoped we’d receive. While on break one year, our paths finally crossed. The spark was there, the stories reflected each other and the fire of each other’s hearts brought us strangely together. The problem: we were both soon to be married to individuals that can best be described as mentally cruel. “Why me” typically being the one thread of stability we had, we met over the next few years, comparing horror stories of each other’s poisonous lives, neither of us willing to make the necessary step to leave the lives we were doomed to endure. That was until 1999, when the stars aligned and our significant others had both, seemingly in the same time span…taken things too far. We knew as we met one more time, something was different. Both still being pursued by negativity, we sat down and made a choice…it ends here…tonight. That night was Valentine’s Day 1999. No big present, not even a card to each other…simply a promise staring in each other’s eyes that we would carry this as far as we could and escape the nightmares we’d been living for so long. Stacie’s burden was much heavier as the relationship she left involved a child, not her own, but one that made it equally difficult. See, Stacie had been under the premise that she would probably never have children, so by leaving and making this choice, we also made another. Neither of us would ever be able to pass our newly defined love to one of our own. Difficult but necessary.
    The next year was simply a blur. How can you equate a year with an angel to where, even when bad things happened, life could not get any better? Sure we had a few bumps, mainly due to our past trying to get in the way, that is until the anniversary of that benchmark night in 1999. My decision being made long ago on that very first visit home, I decided tonight would be the night to start the rest of my life. As Stacie came into our 1-room apartment, waiting for her was several balloons and a box. The box was a collection of memorabilia collected over the past year with a safety pin attached to the top of the box with a note that said: Life is full of many questions, including one that should always be popped. It was that moment, when she looked at me and me at her and we knew our lives were forever changed. Quickly she popped the balloon and out came the ring. I didn’t have to ask and she didn’t need to respond. I’m not sure if we ever let go that night or since then. It wasn’t too long after that when we found out Stacie could indeed, have children and the math showed…you guessed it… we conceived Valentine’s Night. Well, love can also be funny. With little choice, we had a quick wedding, no presents, no honeymoon and even though she never said it, I knew Stacie had missed out on the big wedding event she had always envisioned. In 13 days, I finally get to give my beautiful wife the long lost honeymoon she deserves, on the beaches of Jamaica at Couples Sans Souci. On this day we’ll celebrate our lives, our love, our two kids and our determination to make life’s most difficult choices. I don’t win contests, never won a lottery and for the life of me, have never found a four leaf clover. But I did find Stacie and Stacie found me. I may never get back to this destination again, but on Valentine’s Day of 2010 I’ll be able to see my beautiful bride experience what she should have 10 years ago. I really believe if you try hard enough, love can be traced back to a singular moment in time. It’s that moment in time we will be celebrating for years to come. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and I apologize for the length, but I really enjoyed sharing a few, until now, private moments of our life with all of you.
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    Default Our Own Living Valentine

    Our best Valentine's memory actually happened 8 months before Valentine's Day, on the day that our daughter was conceived. We were so excited when we heard that I was pregnant,and started planning the nursery right away. But when 8 weeks had passed, I started to have contractions, and had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctor told us that I would probably miscarry, and to just go home and wait for it to happen. But the doctor hadn't counted on my stubborness, or the stubborness of this baby either. I stayed on bed rest for almost the entire length of the pregnancy, with periodic visits to the hospital as our little one kept trying to make an early appearance. Finally, on Feb. 14, she wasn't going to wait any longer. The doctor did an emergency c-section, and our little Valentine was born. I'm convinced that I have never received a better Valentine's gift than the birth of our daughter. She is a true expression of our love for each other. The entire OB floor celebrated with us that day, and even gave us a steak dinner and champagne. And the absolute best part of that Valentine's Day is that I only have to look at my daughter each day to be reminded of the wonderful gift our love brought into the world.

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    Default Valentines Day past

    My wife and I were married at a very young age in December 1996. Within a month of our special day we moved from Florida to Missouri so I could continue college. Our arrival in Missouri was met with great turmoil. We both were extremely homesick, as it was our first time away. We were also having to deal a strange and new occurrence known as winter weather, and to top it all off our only car had broken down the day after we arrived. However, we pressed on and soon were able to find jobs, get the car repaired, make friends, and slowly fill our 3rd floor studio apartment with second hand/hand me down furnishings.

    Valentines Day 1997 was approaching quickly and I desired it to be special as it was our first as a married couple. I visited a local adult store to pick up some Valentines day goodies. I must have really stuck out being a timid 19yr old newlywed fumbling through an assortment of body paints and edible undergarments. It was my first visit to an establishment like this and I'm sure my face was shining like a fire hydrant as I made my way through the checkout. In addition, I made reservations for dinner at the hibachi table in a Japanese steakhouse, another first for us.

    The meal was great and the goodies from the adult store were memorable and almost comical, but what I remember most about this day, and why I chose it for this contest is the closeness we felt and shared with each other. With no family around we were all each other had. During this time we learned an enormous amount about each other and how to depend on one another. These were the days when internet and email weren't readily available so keeping in touch with family was difficult. Depending solely on one another truly solidified our relationship. Thinking back, the odds were against us because of our age and indecisive future.
    When I mention to people the age in which we were married, the response it almost universal:
    "So you got married so young because she got pregnant."
    I just respond truthfully and say "No, we just couldn't live without each other."

    Over the years, careers have changed, some of our outlooks on life have changed, and we certainly are showing signs of our appearance changing. For example, we both have had a single strand a grey hair poke through this year and our physiques have seen better days . I suppose these things occur when you have three energetic sons running around the house. However, one thing has not changed and that is our love and commitment to each other.

    I'm sure, looking back at previous Valentines Days, that we have eaten at better restaurants than that hibachi grill, and our home is certainly more romantic than that 3rd floor studio filled with second hand everything. However my most treasured Valentines Day was spent in 1997 on a snowy southwestern Missouri day with the love of my life.

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    So-- The best story for Valentines it isn't! I only can say it is a story! Andy and I met in the woods, I was a city girl and he was the clam digger. My family owned a shore bungalow and every summer we would come down "to the Jersey shore" What a great time this was, endless days on the beach, nights hanging on the beachfront, dances, cotton candy, candy apples, and all the things that went along with the Jersey Shore. Small town, Belamar NJ, a few miles west, Wall Township. So like I said we met in the woods of Wall Twp., got bored at the beach and went to the woods! I really liked one of his friends that summer, but he actually turned out to be a creep! Somehow Andy and I got together a little later on that summer and lo and behold my Mom decided to move to the Jersey Shore in the fall. My romance with Andy was able to continue, and as only a 16 year old can be, I was just beside myself with happiness. We spent the year in such glorious teenage love! Valentine's Day was nothing compared to our love story! I won't go into great detail, but we were married when I was 17 and he 20, our best Valentine's present was born a few days late on Feb. 22, 1971 and we will celebrate our 40 anniversary on December 5th of this year. Our Valentine's baby is now 39, and along with his beautiful wife has given us 3 very handsome grandsons! What more could you ask for Valentine's day?(even if it is a few days late??)

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    Default My Best/Worst Valentine's Day

    My Valentine’s Day story couldn’t be more different than the one you posted. It’s totally non-romantic. But here’s the thing–I want a man who will stay with me through thick or thin. And that’s what I’ve got. Here’s how he proved it–four years ago.

    My guy, Roger, is stunning to look at, athletic, and an all-around good guy. Four years ago, I didn’t know him well. We’d gone out a few times and had fun and he’d been very considerate. For Valentine’s Day, he wanted to take me out to dinner. I decided to get my hair done by a professional, so I’d look good for our date. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of money, so I chose a cut-rate salon. Unfortunately, a new hair style and wasn’t the only thing I got there. On Valentine’s Day, I discovered my head was crawling with lice!

    A pharmacist said that the best way to get rid of the little buggers was to drench my head in oil and then comb them out–one lock of hair at a time. Then I needed to wash everything–bed clothes, towels, etc. I was told to get my “sister” to help because someone else would have to comb out the back.

    Well, I don’t have a sister and my best friend lives two states away.

    When Roger arrived for our date, he found me in tears. I was ashamed, but I told him what happened.

    He said, “Don’t worry. I’ll do it.” And he did. He spent Valentine’s Day combing out the lice in my hair and helping me with the wash (we went to a laundromat). How many men would do that–without making faces or wisecracks? Not too many.

    And he still took me out for a romantic dinner--after I’d washed my hair!

    That’s when I realized I had a mature, dependable, special person in my life. And that’s much better than chocolates or romance. We’ve been together ever since.

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    Default Could be the worst Valentine night out?

    My wife was born on Valentine's day in 1966. Very fitting for a lady so full of love and beauty. I have always tried to go the extra step and provide a night that stands out from the last. I guess I really did that back in 2003. Started out like always. Didn't tell her where we were going or what we were doing. Beautiful roses for the Birthday girl, chocolates, birthday card, Valentines card and a big kiss. Off we were without the kids for once. Nice to get out after being at home for awhile as she had just recovered from an appendectomy. First stop, not a real fancy place, but Applebees can be entertaining and have some decent food. We were having a very beautiful time laughing, eating, drinking and just getting lost in each other as we have done for the last 18 yrs. I had just finished my meal and Shelly was nearing the halfway mark. Out of the corner of my eye I see the flash of a person and it suddenly started raining dishes, glasses and food on Shelly. Poor girl, sat there, frozen, noodles hanging from her head, blouse,and some kind of BBQ sauce looking red stuff splattered all over her. There was steak, bread and french fries. She was dripping wet from all of the liquids. Silverware piled all over. And she just sat there. Then I hate to say it. She looked puzzled, then amused, as tears streamed. All the while she smiled, as this young waiter tried to kiss our butt and clean her up. Here comes the Manager and a hostess doing the same. Hell, she had like a dozen people cleaning up the area. Poor kid. We couldn't help but laugh so hard after this. My wife was wearing her favorite dress and dolled up to the max. She took it quite well. Needless to say we got our meal for free, plus the other tables meal. A series of gift certificates and got the heck out of there.

    We decided to go home, get cleaned up and finish the night with a quiet walk down by the St. Charles Riverfront, as we had done so many times in the past. She took a shower, did her hair and makeup. She looked absolutely amazing!!! We just love that place. As we stopped at the traffic light off of Fifth Street, a car comes and plows into her brand new Chevy S-10 four wheel drive. She just couldn't handle it anymore. Here comes the tears. The gentlemen was very apologetic, but that just did not help. I felt so bad for her at this point. Couldn't do anything but hold her.

    I asked her if she wanted to go back out after she fixed her makeup. That didn't go over very well. But I will say the rest of the evening was very special. We will never forget that night after all.

    See you at Couples, Negril Sept. 2 - 7.

    Gary and Shelly Graslaub

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    After 13 years, there are many precious little stories that I could tell about how my husband has been romantic for me... but Valentine’s Day 2009 is perhaps as good an example as any.

    We are a hard-working little family of four; we applied ourselves to many years of post-grad school, and my husband works diligently as a healthcare professional. We have an eight-year-old special needs child, and we spend much of our time and energy attending to his needs - while determined to maintain a balanced, happy life for ourselves and our older daughter.

    It is so easy for the little sweetnesses of a relationship to slip by, but not on Valentine’s Day! Most days, Matt gets up early in order to make it to his office before patients arrive...but this is a Saturday. Usually, we would relish each second of extra sleep, so I notice that the bed beside me is empty too soon. I have a Mommy’s keen hearing, so I recognize that there are sounds and movement coming from out-of-the-ordinary places. But after all these years, I know that my role on days like this is to play along…so I lay still and listen to the sounds of my sweet husband preparing his surprise. I continue to feign sleep while he lays out dozens of red roses around me in the bed. The smell is overpowering - no human would sleep through this - but I play my part! Once he is pleased with the layout of the flowers, he does his best to sneak downstairs to wait for me to wake up and see my ‘surprise’. I lie in bed for a while, smiling at the roses only inches from my face. It doesn’t matter that this is no surprise, and that I know the roses are from the grocery store checkout lane…these are the little things that hold a marriage together for 40, 50, 60+ years.

    (returning to CSA for the 3rd time 3/27)
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    Valentines Day, everyday…

    Reflecting upon close to 30 years of marriage w/a whirlwind courtship before, I’ll be bold enough to say we express our love and the romance of Valentines Day, everyday. Of course some expressions of our love are quite extravagant (expensive gifts of gold, diamonds, fine dining, trips, and more…) but I think the most precious and romantic of expressions are those born in the simplest and purest form… When leaving the other for work, we kiss good-bye with our usual tease about who loves the other more (“I Love you! & I Love you more!”). We embrace and kiss hello when returning home after the workday apart. While walking anywhere, we’re usually holding hands. When conversing, we’re in the moment and looking at each other. At parties, we look for each other across the crowded room, exchanging knowing glances that it’s time to go (funny – our friends still tease us about “heading for the barn”). I remember a few years back, we surprised some friends who assumed from our behavior we weren’t married. They even asked us if we were ever going to get married? At that point in time we’d been married well past 10 years! We’ve shared many experiences together. Some have been tragic and heartbreaking, while most have been pure ecstasy and joyous. But through them all, there has always been LOVE. Yes, Valentines Day is celebrated everyday... Razzl

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    Default Best Valentines contest

    I used to live by the minute
    I was too blind to see
    Now I've found the strength to admit it
    Now it's all I believe

    Maybe this life is just about love and tenderness
    If all we are are shooting stars
    Maybe we, we can fight
    All of this pain and loneliness if
    All we are are shooting stars
    Edwin McCain - “Shooting Stars”

    It was Valentines Day a few years ago. I don’t remember the exact year. The date or the fact that it was Valentines day doesn’t seem that important. It wasn’t gold, or diamonds, or anything monetary that made this night special. But rather, the experience we had that made it so memorable.

    Cameron and I had tickets for a local fund raiser. There would be food, a wine tasting and an outdoor concert by one of our favorite singers, Edwin McCain. As the day wore on it was becoming very evident that it wasn’t going to be the best weather for an outdoor anything. It had been raining all day, and it didn’t look like it would be stopping anytime soon.

    We thought about backing out of our plans. But decided we would at least go for the food and wine which we knew would be under tents. So we donned our rain coats and rain boots and set out. We were feeling a little disappointed that our plans were probably going to be rained out. The way you feel when you’ve planned a day at the beach and you wake up to rain.

    When we reached the venue, everyone was huddled under the tents. Most of the people we talked to agreed that there probably wouldn’t be a concert this night. It had begun to thunder and lightning and a lot of people were already leaving.

    We were thinking of leaving too, but decided we’d have one more drink. We overheard someone say that Edwin said he would play if at all possible, so we decided to wait a while longer. Hardly anyone was still there. Maybe about 50 people.
    It wasn’t long before the thunder and lightning stopped and the rain began to let up. The band started coming on stage. They were still going to play!

    We were about 25 feet from the stage and only a few other people were dotted around on the lawn. It was still drizzling as they began to play. The night was beginning to feel very magical. Not at all what we had expected when we left home earlier that night.

    A few songs into the set, Edwin began to play one of his newest songs “Shooting Stars”. Suddenly in the middle of the song the clouds parted and the moon and stars were everywhere. It was like God parted the clouds! And Edwin McCain was singing just for us. After all, we felt like we were the only other people in the world. And at the same time it felt like we were one with all the people in the world. I felt Cameron reach for my hand. We looked into each others eyes and began to laugh. Tears were running down my cheeks. No words were needed. In fact, I think words would have ruined the whole experience. In that instant we felt such a connectedness. We knew that we were a total part of each other. We had always been one; even before we met. And surely after one of us was gone we would still be a part of each other. We had two beautiful children to attest to that.

    I know my writing isn’t relaying the profoundness of our epiphany. I’m not sure the experience we had was meant to be shared with others or whether it should be. It was a moment when we felt totally at one with the universe and each other. A moment we can revisit and know in our heart of hearts that we are where we are supposed to be in this world. An experience we can reflect on and say “yes, he’s the one God chose especially for me”.

    We visit Couples Negril every year. Since that rainy Valentines night it has become our tradition to put on our Edwin McCain CD and dance on our balcony to “Shooting Stars”. And we still feel the magic.

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    Default Our story...

    This isn't your typical, "fancy clothes, candlelit dinner" romantic story. In fact, it was very much the opposite. But for this memory, and so many more, I can honestly say that my husband is my best friend and that no one else in the world could make me as happy as he makes me.

    We both grew up in broken homes, though his childhood was much sweeter than my own. As a young girl, I of course had dreams of meeting my Prince Charming, who would sweep me off my feet and into the sunset and we'd live happily ever after... As I entered my teen years, I realized that my Price Charming dreams were exactly that...dreams. Real life wasn't like that. Real life was painful and dark and ugly. Just take a look at my mom...the pain was all there in her eyes.

    I decided that I would have to try to make the best of it and try to find my own happiness. My sophomore year of high school, I began dating a nice young man who was a senior at a neighboring high school. He was respectful to me and to my mom, everything about him seemed so right. Our first "official date" was on Valentines Day of 2000. He picked me up, we went to dinner at a local steakhouse, he bought me a rose from a lady walking around the restaurant. It was a nice evening. Until it went completely wrong. Right before dessert was set to arrive, he excused himself to the bathroom. I enjoyed looking around at all the other couples in the restaurant while I waited. And waited. I felt about 2 inches tall as I asked a male waiter to please check the mens room for me. Of course he wasn't there. His car was gone from the parking lot. I had been stranded. Left alone on Valentines Day. My very first "adult" Valentines Day. With tears streaming down my face, I called my mom. I can still remember those pain-filled eyes as she knelt by my bed while I cried myself to sleep. Needless to say, I never saw or spoke to HIM again. I was was hard for me to open up and share myself with any guy for a couple of years after that.

    Flash forward to 2005. I was in college and had been dating Dirk for a couple of years. I had been working in a restaurant as a server since I had turned 18, and every year on V-Day, I was thankful for the excuse of having to work (Any of you hospitality people out there KNOW its like a SIN to even suggest the idea of having a holiday like Valentines Day or Mothers Day off...). I didn't share my story with many people; Dirk most certainly didn't know. Valentines Day was just a few days away and having been dating for a couple of years, Dirk was wanting to spend the holiday with me. He kept trying to make plans, asking me what my ideal V-Day would include. I kept brushing him off, telling him we couldn't do anything because I had to work. Apparently he was bound and determined to get me to spend the day with him... He called my boss (this point I found out only LAST YEAR!) and gave her a good speech I guess, because the day before V-Day, I got a call from my boss saying she had over-staffed and that she wouldn't need me. I begged her to give someone else the night off, etc. etc. but she basically told me she wouldn't take no for an answer. I was completely baffled, but what more could I say?! I didn't want to confess my story to Dirk, so I lied and continued to tell him I'd be at work. He then told me that he would love nothing more than to come sit in my section and watch me work all night. FREAKING OUT! NOW WHAT!? I was head over heels in love with Dirk, who had been my best friend throughout our final year of high school. I was in love with him, and that was the very first time I realized JUST how in love with him I was. I couldn't lie anymore. I started sobbing (you'll notice I'm a total bawl-bag...) hysterically and told him of that dreaded V-Day memory. He couldn't believe I had never told him before (it wasn't exactly the kind of thing a girl want to go around bragging about...). Dirk apologized profusely for trying to push the whole V-Day thing on me, and we made plans to watch goofy movies, eat junk food, and even help me with some Calculus homework I was having trouble with. Anything to keep me from thinking about that haunting experience.

    The next morning (the dreaded Feb. 14th!) as I'm having breakfast with my dorm-mates and listening to them go on and on about their romantic plans, I'm relishing the fact that I am going to have the most PERFECT non-Valentines Day. I arrive at Dirk's place just after noon, and he meets me outside. He tells me to get in and that he's driving. I try to ignore the bag he has... We go to one of the most beautiful parks (which was totally empty as it was February [though Feb. in Southern California is not at all COLD.]) and we have a mini picnic of cheese, crackers and pudding cups (hahahah still laugh at those...). We played like children on the swingset. We played catch. He did as promised and helped me with my calculus homework. I can honestly say that lesson did me NO good. I was too distracted by him... We drove back towards his place and stopped in Seal Beach to get coffee at my favorite place. He ordered us each a tuxedo mocha (my absolute fave!) and we walked down to the beach with them. We were walking along in the sand and he suddenly stopped and spun me around and wrapped me in one of those amazing, take-your-breath-away, don't-ever-let-go kind of hugs. He kissed my nose, started to say something, then stopped. We laughed and continued walking... A bit further, he suddenly stopped again and said (now, of course its a bit fuzzy, but this is along the lines and what we both remember...) "I have to ask you something." My heart sank. It was gonna be bad... "I know this may not be the perfect time or the perfect setting, but you are perfect. You deserve perfect. You make me feel complete, and hearing you in such pain last night, I got angry. I love you, Julie." I had no clue where he was going with it, so I said, "Thank you. I love you, too." His words continued spinning in my head, and then he said, "Marry me. I love you. Please, will you marry me?"

    I stood frozen in...bewilderment?! He started mumbling something about being stupid and blurting stuff out, and mentally kicking himself because he did it all ring, no romance. I kissed him to stop him (tee-hee, works every time!) and told him, "Yes. I will marry you." We laughed and I cried (it's actually kinda pathetic how much I cry) and we stood staring at each other, both totally blown away.

    Back at his place he had a living room floor picnic set up, and "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" in the DVD player. We ate cold cut sandwiches and potato chips, then danced in small circles around the living room. We decided to keep our "engagement" quiet until he could ask for my moms blessing. Of course, life gets in the way, goes sideways, upside down, etc. And we were in college (read: BROKE), so he didn't have the money saved up for a ring until 2007. With my mothers blessing (and finally seeing her pain disappear from her eyes, even for a brief moment) he asked for my hand in marriage with a beautiful ring at our college graduation party. But to us, that was just the outward symbol of what we had shared that Valentines Day in 2005.

    We have spent every Valentines Day since then doing what we can do to recreate that special day. We no longer live in Southern California, so a large part of our day cannot be reproduced. But we always have tuxedo mochas (though they're not nearly as good as those from Bogart's), and indoor picnics on our living room floor. Most importantly, we have each other. And I no longer fear Saint Valentine and his holiday of love, because I have the greatest love and the best friend anyone could ever have.

    (Really sorry it was so long...thank you for reading! I can't wait to read more of your amazing stories of love. It's seriously so good to hear of all the LOVE out there.)

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    Default PLAYBILL: "Our Most Romantic Valentine's Day"

    SETTING: Swept Away, 7 Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica
    TIME: Nearly sunset, February 14, 2001

    ACT I: Couple (then married for 35 years) waiting for sunset in sandy bathing suits with unkempt hair, sunscreen-greasy faces and plastic cups half full of red wine in hand.

    ACT II: Couple hears sounds from afar. Talented and handsome clarinet player strolls down the beach playing some of the best love songs from all the decades.

    ACT III: Out of the blue, nicely-dressed Swept Away waiters and entertainment staff members meander amongst us offering glass flutes of champagne, full to the brim.

    ACT IV: Chocolate-covered strawberries arrive in the same fashion.

    ACT V: Spectacular sunset!

    ACT VI: Couple wanders back to room, filled with the simplicity and grace of that hour and feeling yet another notch closer because they shared it together.

    SETTING: Small town in upstate New York
    TIME: Eary morning, February 3, 2010

    ACT VII: Couple (now married 44 years)packing suitcases. Headed
    GUESS WHERE??? for Valentine's Day.

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    Default BudtoBud - the lovestory of Amy and Dave

    In 1993 I (Amy) was standing outside of the pharmaceutical company that I worked at on a break. This guy (Dave) comes outside (someone who I really knew enough to say hello to in passing)with the sickest look on his face. I had to ask if he was alright because he looked so upset. He proceeded to tell me that his wife of 18 years had told him and their two children 12 and 14 that she was leaving them. She was done raising the kids and it was her turn now. She was in love with someone else from her past and had always been. She left the next day. Thus our friendship began.My situation was not good either. I was in a marriage to a man 18 years older than myself and things were not working. I was staying because I thought it was the best thing for my children. Over the next many many years (8 to be exact) we would meet now and then for lunch and talk about how things were progressing in our lives. Things were very difficult for Dave as he had sold the log home he built in the country to move closer to where his parents and sisters lived so they could help with the children. His Dad had gotten sick with Leukemia and passed away in 1995. The same year his son Russell was misdiagnosed with Hodgkins Disease which actually turned out to be a very aggressive lymphoma. My heart just bled for this man who lived his life working and loving his kids to the best of his ability. Very sadly in 1998 Russell passed away just after turning 20 years old. Dave and I had become best friends and that is how we addressed ourselves to each other, Bud. A few more years went by and Dave was always in the background listening to the woes of my horrible marriage. In February of 2001 I had went for the first time to a 76 year old psychic. During my reading out of the blue, she looks at me and says "Who's Bud"! It blew me away. She saw broken wedding rings in my future and my name on a new house deed! June 2, 2001 Dave and I met for lunch and it was then that he told me he had feelings for me. That evening my daughter found something out about my husband that broke my heart but gave me the slap in the face that I needed to end it. I filed for Divorce June 10. Dave asked me to marry him that November. We were married the following April. Everyday is Valentines Day for us because after going through hardship to see this man walk through the door everyday is Valentines Day. Life couldnt be sweeter. I dont need Chocolate because every February for the last 8 years we come to Couples to celebrate our love! Thanks for hearing my story.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default Valentine's Day....

    My then "significant other" had not really been all that interested in getting married. We are a little older, and living together....We were on our third trip to couples in 2002.

    I had just turned 50, and celebrated with a parasail ride...we had a wonderful time....

    The last evening of our trip, we were in Otaheite, having a wonderful meal, seated on the little love seats....We had watched a BUNCH of people get married on the Beach on Valentine's day....sitting there, I said to Jennifer "You know, if we ever were to get married, it would be fun to do it here"...(I'm pretty sure that is verbatim), and for folks of a certain age, that was accepted as a proposal!!!!

    We kept it a secret, but did get a few relatives to go, and keep their mouths shut about it....We told our mothers just before we left for Jamaica, and my future mother-in-law said she was so glad we hadn't told her before, because she was sure she would have blabbed it all over by the time the date came....

    So, in the presence of my sister, some close friends (who got us to CN in the first place) and my wife's nephew and neice, we got married on the beach on Valentine's day, also my birthday, and my parent's anniversary, too.

    Excpet for two little "glitches" (the minister saying "In sickness and in DEATH!!!! and a rather corpulent woman in her best Rubenesque pose, watching it all from her beach chair in front of the AN beach...) it was wonderful...and those little "glitches" make for great memories and stories to tell others. I had also set up one of those delayed emails, letting everyone know that "If you're reading this at about 10AM, Jennifer and I are on the beach in Jamaica getting MARRIED. That was so much fun....

    We missed our annual trip to CN in 2009 due to family obligations, but are going to be there in NINE DAYS to celebrate anniversary number SEVEN...

    We then had a reception at a Country Club in the spring after we returned.....

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it....and what a wonderful birthday it was for this Valentine's baby...

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    On Friday, the day before Valentine’s Day 2009 I was at work, and my husband TJ called me and said that his half-brother Paul, WHOM HE HAD NEVER MET AND HAD TALKED TO FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ONLY THAT PAST XMAS, had called and decided to drive up and visit for the weekend (*cue doomsday music*). They had talked a few time since xmas, and they kinda hit it off and TJ told Paul that if he was ever going to be in the DC area to give us a call, but to give us at least a week’s notice. Well, he didn’t. I felt like dry-heaving when TJ told me Paul was coming up. I mean, TJ should have said “I’m sorry, this isn’t a good weekend, we’re busy” OR “I’m sorry, it’s Valentine’s Day and we have plans”, ANYTHING except what he said, which was (*to be read with sarcastic tone*) “OK, come visit us with no notice whatsoever. We’re only a young, newly-married couple with no kids and we’re dying to have a houseguest on Valentine’s Day, especially since it falls on a Saturday this year.” I tried to be gracious about it. I thought to myself, he is TJ’s half-brother and they’ve never met, and he’s a single guy, he probably didn’t even think about Valentine’s Day.

    Anyway, Paul is the same age as my eldest brother and is in the Navy. No wife or kids (we’ll learn why later), and I was expecting a mature, older-brother type character. But he was nothing like I thought he would be, and so much worse than I could have imagined.

    First of all, he was supposed to have left Norfolk, Virginia at 4pm (which is 3 or 3.5 hours away from us), but he didn’t get to our house until 1:30am and TJ had to go get him and have him follow him to our house because he got horribly lost several times. He had GPS! You should have heard TJ spell our street name over the phone about 17 times. I was like, is this guy serious? Paul was supposedly putting our address into his GPS but it wasn’t working… it turns out he was putting Fairfax, WASHINGTON instead of Fairfax, VIRGINIA. Anyway, he finally got to our house. I had gone to bed hours before, but Paul wasn’t tired, I guess, and he proceeded to stay up until 2:30 laughing really loudly, really often, as if someone wasn’t trying to sleep in the other room. Most guests would apologize for being so late and they would say, “Hey, you’re probably tired, let’s catch up in the morning.” Or they would at least be courteous of those who SLEEP in the middle of the night and they would try to keep it down. But this guy had no consideration whatsoever.

    The next morning, Valentine’s Day, we weren’t sure if because he’s in the military he’d be up at 6am or something crazy. But no, we got up at about 9 and he wasn’t up til 11. We had gotten food at the grocery store the night before, so we had the stuff to make breakfast, but we decided to just go to IHOP. So at about 11 he came out of the guest bedroom, and I stood up to meet him, since we hadn’t met yet, and he was like “no, no, I have to brush my teeth” so I was like “hahaha, uh… ok” and sat back down. I waited for him to brush his teeth or whatever, and about 10 minutes later he came out of the bathroom (this time I didn’t get up) and he said he forgot his toothbrush… hmmm. We asked him whether IHOP was okay for breakfast and he said sure. He was wearing PJ pants and a hoodie and he had his keys so we thought he was going to his car real quick to grab his toothbrush, and HE DISAPPEARED FOR 2 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES. After about 15 minutes, TJ went out to look for him, but came back and said his car was gone. Where did he go? TJ tried to call him several times but it went straight to voicemail. We were like, what the hell? Finally, at about noon, since we still hadn’t eaten and we were STARVING and we had no idea when Paul would be back, we made some breakfast. TJ really wanted to go to IHOP without him, but I said we couldn’t do that when we had a houseguest. We were irritated, angry and confused, but after a while it became hilarious because it was so weird. TJ and I were exhausted at about 1:15pm because we were so stressed and didn’t sleep very well the night before. Just as we decided to go take a nap we saw out the window Paul wandering around the apartments across from ours. TJ opened the door and called out to him and asked “where did you go!?” Paul said he had gone to 7-Eleven and got lost because our apartments were so confusing. TJ told him that if we had known he was leaving he would have gone with him or given him directions OR we could have given him an extra toothbrush, because we happened to have one. Why wouldn’t he have told us he was leaving? He’s never been here before, he didn’t know his way around or where the 7-Eleven even was… Who does that??? And then, he had the nerve to say as he was making himself a plate of cold breakfast, “Man, you guys didn’t even try to wait for me.” TJ said, “Trust me, we tried.” and he did not say it in a “hahaha” kind of way. Then he warmed up his bacon and eggs for 2 minutes in the microwave which was way too long and I could hear it popping all over the place because he didn’t put anything over it. I was just groaning inside because I clean the microwave, and egg is a bitch to get off. I asked Paul, “how long did you put that in for?” and he said 2 minutes, and I said “That’s way too long.” And he said, “it is?” Common sense, anyone?

    By this point, we knew we had the houseguest from hell and TJ knew he really messed up by inviting him into our home without really knowing him (although he should gotten a clue from his phone conversations with Paul that he wasn’t the type of person we usually hang around), and on Valentine’s Day, no less! He was apologizing all day, and finally I told him to just stop apologizing. No one could have known how awful he was. We were in it together. We practically clung to each other like a couple of hostages. I had made reservations for V-Day like a month before at this restaurant I really like, and I told TJ that we were keeping them. NO his brother couldn’t come with us (yes, TJ actually suggested that BEFORE we met him), and NO we were not canceling. We came up with the brilliant idea to pawn him off on TJ’s uncle, who was going to be hanging out in DC that evening, which is what Paul made very clear was what he wanted to do. He kept saying to TJ “Your dinner will take what? 3 hours tops? We can go out after that." And by "we", he meant TJ and himself, not me. He really wanted to go clubbing in DC – he was DETERMINED to, but it was VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Not a day for half-brothers, a day for LOVERS. I’m not even a Valentine’s Day fanatic, but we had plans, you know? And they did not include some crazy relative coming to visit. But our plan to pawn him off worked out - we could at least have our evening together, and since Paul had a car, he could find his way back to our house. That evening (after Paul took an eternity to get ready) we had him follow us to DC. We only were able to hang out for about 45 minutes before we had to head back out to the restaurant. When we were about to leave, TJ went outside to tell Paul “see you later”. Paul had just gone out for a cigarette but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. About 5 minutes later, Paul appeared and when TJ told him he was looking for him outside, Paul’s explanation was that he “forgot his cigarettes in the car.” He wasn’t even a good liar.

    This happened all day. He would “go out for a smoke” and disappear for 10-15 minutes at a time. One time he “went to his car” and 5 minutes later he came back saying he’d “forgotten his keys.” When he got his keys he was gone for another 15 minutes. His explanation that time was that he had to run out to 7-Eleven again to get cigarattes. But he had just gone to 7-Eleven that morning and he definitely did not smoke an entire pack of cigarettes since then… It was really weird. And all of his coming and going was really upsetting our dog, Lady. She kept growling and barking at him and she doesn’t bark at people once they come inside because she knows they’re ok if we let them in. Well, she didn’t think he was ok and she peed on the floor and ON THE COUCH which she had never done EVER! She hated him. The whole situation was just so frustrating. We definitely think this guy was on drugs due to how strangely he was behaving. I didn’t want him around and I wasn’t my friendly, happy self and neither was TJ. We just kinda shut down. We weren’t very friendly hosts. And believe me, we tried.

    TJ and I left Paul in DC and headed out to dinner, and although the restaurant was crowded and the service was horrible, we didn’t even care because we were just happy to be away from Paul. When we got home TJ was so exhausted he could barely read his Valentine’s Day card. TJ’s uncle ended up hanging out with Paul in DC until about midnight, but we heard from TJ’s uncle that Paul wasn’t ready to go yet. So TJ’s uncle took Paul’s car home and Paul said he’d get a cab back to our house. TJ gave Paul our address and we left the front door unlocked. The problem with that is that our door isn’t the highest quality and will blow open if it’s windy, so even though there was no forecast for windy conditions, we put one of TJ’s boots there to keep the door closed just in case. At 4am, Paul called TJ (with no apology for calling at that hour) and asked us for directions to our house AGAIN. At 6am, TJ checked the front door and Paul hadn’t come home yet. At 8am, TJ checked again, and Paul had come home at some point and locked the door (the first thing he did right, if you’re keeping track). The next day he didn’t get up til 1, which was ok, because we needed time to ourselves, and when we inquired about his late arrival home, he had some nonsensical story about bad cabdrivers. He could have lied and said he hooked up with someone and spent the night, and that would have at least been somewhat feasible. Clubs in DC close at 3am, and we live 10 miles from DC, so we have no idea what he was doing.

    Well, when Paul finally got up that afternoon, he was hungry, and although we told him we had a bunch of food because we’d gone shopping Friday night, he said he wanted “something heavy” and chose Chinese food. He did offer to pay and he called and ordered. Fine. Well the Chinese place called us back and said the card was declined. Paul looked at the credit card he used and said “this isn’t my card!” all surprised like, and he said the “cabdriver must have switched it.” So we were thinking, great, we’re stuck paying for the Chinese food, but when the delivery man came, Paul conveniently had a huge wad of cash in his pocket and paid for the food. He called his bank claiming that someone must have his card, but the whole thing was just weird. Paul finally left at about 4pm on Sunday, but first TJ had to take him to to his uncle’s house to pick up his car. And not just that, but TJ’s uncle had called us earlier and said that Paul’s car was completely out of gas the night before. He would have put gas in it, but he couldn’t find the lever to open the gas tank. TJ’s uncle didn’t think he would make it home, and although he did make it home, he definitely doubted the car would make it to the gas station. So my husband TJ, such a nice guy and such a good brother, stopped on the way to fill up a gas jug to put gas in Paul’s car, on top of everything else.

    It was a nightmare. AND he used our towels. I gave him his own clean towel and washcloth, but he just used whatever ones were hanging there. Who does that?!?!

    It was one of the worst weekends of my life. I know you’re thinking: you must not have had many bad weekends. But trust me. The good thing about it is that this Valentine’s Day will be AMAZING compared to last year’s. And now that the emotional scars have faded and the post-traumatic stress has subsided, we can look back and laugh about it. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Thanks for sticking in there and reading my story. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    *Some names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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    Valentine's Day isn't one of those days we really paid much attention to but this one does stand out in my memory.

    Rewind to February 10, 2006. The day our son came into the world and one of the best days of our lives. He arrived in a rather stubborn fashion (breach and requiring a C-Section) so we were released from the hospital late on the afternoon of February 13th. We arrived home with our blessing from God and not a clue as to what to do... We still laugh that the whole time we drove home I kept saying "I can't believe they just gave us a baby, can you?"

    We survived our first long night of parenting and needless to say, we were both very much worse for wear. No sleep for either of us and me still in a lot of pain. We napped when the baby napped and sometime late in the day as we both stood at the changing table with a very nasty diaper between us, I said to him "oh yeah, happy Valentine's Day" and then I got peed on

    Getting pregnant was easy for us, staying pregnant wasn't. Carrying a baby to birth was the ultimate gift so even though it wasn't the "wine and romance" type day, it was the best Valentine's Day of my life, sharing it with my loving husband and healthy son (even if I was in need of a shower).

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    In Dec 2003 my youngest sister and best friend passed away, my partner at the time lost his job and the holidays were approaching. No money, not in the mood to celebrate, we set our sights on a better new year. Still no job prospects in 2004, we knew celabrating valentines day in style was out of the question. The day arrived and I was reading on the sofa when my future husband sat near me and apologized for the way things were and would I forgive if he couldn't afford even flowers. I said of course! Things will improve!
    He actually hesitated a moment and then got down on one knee, brought out his mother's engagement ring, and asked if I would marry him anyway. I jumped up, dropped the book I was reading and screamed YESYESYES!.
    His mother died when he was 16 and he kept her engagement ring until he found the girl for him. We waited until 2005 to marry, went to Couples San Souci in 2008 and have been happy ever since.
    That wonderful Valentines Day will forever be my favorite because it didn't cost us a cent but was the most special way my future husband could have shown me all his love.
    I'm glad I married him and just celabrated our 5th anniversary on Jan 24th.

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    Default To my love on Valentine's day

    It seems necessary to give some history here first. The letter is long, and if it doesn't hold your interest, skip ahead. It is my story and as such will always give me butterflies. But I'm not sure I can expect anyone else to get quite the buzz I do.

    February will always be special to us, as the entire month, not just Valentine's day, has come to be considered "our month". All the special moments: meeting for the first time, first date, deciding we couldn't live apart, the marriage proposal, they all took place in this Month of Love.

    To be honest, we first "met" some 12 years before this letter takes place. I had a crush on him even back then, but he did not reciprocate. Our lives were too different then, too many reasons "why not". 12 Februaries later, I emailed him out of the blue. To see if he still remembered me. He did. He lived two towns away, and so the email back-and-forth continued for the better part of February; each letter bringing us closer to the truth... that there was a spark between us. However, we danced around the possibility of romance, the growing attraction left unstated. I was nervous, unsure if I was mis-reading the signals. Was this friendship, or something more?

    The evening described in this letter was a last-minute surprise. He was the first to admit, via email, that it could be something more. He wrote "I want to see you. I'll be in your town tonight, if you are free". I already had plans for the evening, but had to go grocery shopping first. So, mostly in jest, I sent him a reply. "I have 30 minutes. X grocery store. Wine section. 7pm. Sharp". I didn't know if he'd come.

    One year later, I gave him this letter for Valentine's day. It is the most honest description I can muster of what happened that night. The night I met my soul mate. It is all pure, all true. Who needs fiction when real-life can be this beautiful?


    She’s nervous.

    Forcing herself to expect disappointment. So it won’t sting as badly if it comes. She walks slowly, knee-high blue boots with cautious snowy steps. She makes her selections and places them in the cart. Each one has more significance, more weight than it deserves. A usual, hurried trip, made groundbreaking by the possibility of him. She surveys the items again. He’ll notice the mayonnaise, and she feels a sense of embarrassment, actually considers putting it back on the shelf. But framed by the fish, fresh vegetables, raw peanut butter, she lets it pass. Decides to stay honest with him. How she knows he’ll find it distasteful is a mystery. They haven’t discussed it. But she senses him, even now. His likes, desires. The invisible connection growing.

    Each step purposeful yet meandering, she bides her time. Forces herself to stay on task, even with the knowledge that he might be behind her. Might see her before she sees him. Quick, furtive glances are all she allows herself, and these only when the sensation of hope gets overwhelming. Hope that he’ll come. It isn’t a certainty. She reminds herself of this again and again, trying to smother the disappointment she’ll feel if he doesn’t arrive.

    It’s not yet seven. She’s early. She usually is. And although she tries to walk slowly, she’s nearly finished with her list. She doesn’t wear a watch, but senses it’s getting close. The hour when he is to arrive, if he does. She maneuvers her cart through the aisles. Stops in the wine section. Pretends to contemplate which vintage to buy. She knows the store has a deliberate maze from the entrance to where she now stands. She glances to her left, no familiar face, and goes back to studying the labels. Eyes swivel to the left again, unrewarded. She runs her fingertips over cool dark glass, a bottle of merlot. Bites lightly on her lower lip. Five minutes, she tells herself. If he’s not here in five minutes, I’ll go. Purchase groceries, drive home. She lets her fingers fall from the bottle. Smoothes her skirt against her thighs. She can make out her fragmented reflection in the hundreds of bottles that line the shelves. Purple-green-glass mirrors.

    She’s pleased by what she sees. Oil-slick blue boots give way to dark tights, coffee brown skirt that falls to just above her knees, fitted without being tight, just enough to hug her hips, such gentle curves. Black shirt, cut in a shallow V to show just a hint of cleavage. Grey sweater. Her long red curls frame her face, caress her shoulders, cascade down to the small of her back. The shadowy mirrors reflect the glinting diamond in her nose, the inky black of large pupils.

    Another glance, and the world melts away. Pure tunnel vision. The rest of the store hazy, distorted, as if underwater. All she can see is him. Their eyes meet with instant recognition. He puts his hand to his chin, and tilts his view to the left, a tease. As if wine were possibly the reason he was there, instead of her. His eyes retreat from the shelf, and back to her, a smile forming on his lips. Hers already born, a generous dimpled grin. She abandons her cart, her feet following the will of her desire to be nearer him. She keeps it slow and certain. A confidant walk. And when they’re near enough to touch, they do. A brief embrace, a whispered Hello.

    The next few minutes are dreamlike. They walk to the check-out line. Purchase and bag groceries. Her body is humming, vibrating, as though her cells are magnetically drawn to him, but fixed in place. They talk comfortably, he comments on the mayonnaise. She smiles to herself. Challenges him. How can he fault the final product when he approves of the ingredients? She describes to him a favorite recipe, and he approves of her culinary taste. The mayonnaise is forgotten, or at least, forgiven.

    And then they are out in the cold. Aware of the sway of her hips when she walks, he accompanies her into the night. Helps her transfer the groceries from cart to car. She asks where he’s parked, and he gestures to a van nearby. Not wanting to part, she follows him there.

    They stand close, but not touching. More conversation, idle yet heavy. The weight coming from the blanket of things unsaid. The shared knowledge of wrong and right. Desire and responsibility. He backs up against the van. She senses his nerves. He laughs it off, disagrees. Proof in his pulse. Slow, measured. She feels for it, fingertips on skin. And that little allowance of intimacy sends sparks shooting through her. Goosebumps on her skin not only from the winter air.

    She’s acutely aware of passing time. Loathes the earth for rotating in its travel around the sun. Stand still, she urges, but the seconds tick on. Her pulse is the one quickened now, but he doesn’t notice, doesn’t reciprocate with the gentle touch she craves. She wants him to know. Wants to let him open her and scan her pages. Learning every sentence, the inflection of every word. “You’re handsome” she says. And he smiles, apologizes for his perceived shortcomings. She can’t see them. Wants him to believe. That he is as she sees him. Graceful and sexy and better than she had remembered. Better than she had imagined. She peers at him and sees perfection in his green eyes. She wants to kiss him.

    Under the guise of goodbye, she leans forward, her hands rest on his shoulders, a gentle squeeze. Her mouth propelled also. Toward his cheek. She imagines her soft breath along his jaw, a kiss near his ear. But he surprises her. Catches her lips with his. And suddenly they’re kissing. Hints of tongue and teeth. Lips soft and warm. They pull apart quickly. A taste, and that is all. Any more and they would be drunk, stumbling over each other, words passionately slurred. The bond by that time, too strong to break. And so it has to be this way. A simple taste. A knowledge unleashed, seed planted, to grow inside of each of them.

    They part.

    Drive home. First flakes of snow falling on their separate windshields in the dark. Music in the air.

    And when she awakens in the middle of the night. She sends him this email. And she knows she’ll never be the same.

    “Pinch me.

    I woke up at 2:23.

    Fluttering from sleep, I think of you. At first it's warm and bittersweet, a good dream made melancholy with the realization that it was just that.... a transient and irretrievable dream.....

    I peel back the covers. Up, to the window. Pull back the curtain. No snow.

    But looking out into the night, it's sinking in. Solidifying. And the bittersweet loses its bitterness. It wasn't a dream.

    And now, 90 minutes later..... I'm still here. Sleep is eluding me. To steal from Tom Petty, you wreck me.

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    Default Valentine's Day Best Story

    It was in 1992. I'm sitting at my desk feeling sorry for myself because all the other ladies in the office received flowers for Valentine's Day..but me. I'm young and when you're young you tend to have your own pity party in situations like this. It was in the afternoon around 3:00 pm and I finally get delivered a dozen roses. I'm staring at the most beautiful dozen roses ever sent. I'm smiling from ear to ear! I'm thinking my husband is the best husband EVER!! He is so creative!....Uh huh!Uh huh! They're all different colors. Purple, red, pink, yellow, white..the rainbow! He is the best! Uh huh! Uh huh! I've never seen anyone else's husband be this creative. I do have the best husband! Uh huh! Uh huh! Just wait till I get home! He is gonna get some lovin! I get home and he is so sweet and sincere. He says "I'm really sorry about the roses. That's all they had in stock" The flower shop couldn't make a dozen roses with the same color. They had to use what was left over. Needless to say I was a little disappointed because he wasn't as creative as I thought. They were the prettiest roses I've ever seen and my favorite Valentine's Day.

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    Default Homeless Man at My Wedding on Valentines

    A Wedding Story

    My fiancé Matt and I were on our way to our wedding, which would be held in Miami on Valentines. A grand occasion with 500 guests flown in from all over the United States. One stop to pick up my wedding dress in Thomasville, GA on the way. YES A WEDDING PLANNED AT A DISTANCE. “ESTATIC!” described the excitement I felt. As we pull into the parking lot the phone rings. Matt answers, “Hello, this is Matt”. After 3 minutes on the phone Matt looks out into the distance and says, “We have no preacher, he cancelled.” I was already stressed and freaking out about the wedding, this was only one thing… although the wedding was in 3 days…Valentines. Not such a love story when your own preacher cancels. I knew I could somehow work with the situation.

    I climb out of the car a little upset but cheer up as I walk in the store to try on my beautiful red and white Wedding dress. The dress slides over my body and, and, and ….THE DRESS DOESN’T ZIP UP AT ALL. Well it was true; the dress was taken in 4 inches instead of 3mm. It was a large enough mistake to ruin the full back of the dress and needless to say I ran out of the wedding store crying. Matt walked into the store mad. After much talking, we realized the alteration lady was out of town. They came up with a plan. A New dress would be driven to the wedding by someone in the wedding party, but I would not have a chance to try it on, or to see if it fit before the day of the wedding. We decided to take the risk.

    Thinking my wedding was in for destruction, I cried and Matt pulled out of the parking lot. What was a wedding without a dress? Wait what was a wedding without a preacher and a dress? Matt and I agreed we were in for a bumpy road the next 3 days. All weddings were bumpy.

    As we were driving our remaining 6 hour journey Matt informed me of one more thing, “I think this is a good time to tell you one more thing”. A groomsman had called earlier that morning, and his car had blown up (yes literally since an auto shop left a rag in the hood after fixing the transmission), and he would not be able to make the wedding either. He was also the ride of a 2nd groomsman, which meant we were out 2 groomsmen, but the good news was we had 6 total. (Out a preacher, a dress, and 2 groomsmen to be exact).

    Well it was evening and time for a good night sleep…..Zzzzzz

    I woke up the next morning feeling slightly better; a smile emerged behind my stressed face. I would be married the next day. Valentines Wedding.

    Matt and I, with family, spent the full day decorating the reception hall. Then through conversation we realized my brother-in-law had not ordered a tux. This was a problem. Subsequently, we could not find a tux in all of Fort Lauderdale the day before the wedding, interesting how all the tuxes had been ordered that matched our ensemble. Stressed and apologetic the 3rd groomsmen then dropped out of the wedding. We were out 3 groomsmen.

    At 1:00pm before the 3:30pm rehearsal we manage to find a step in preacher (a connection of someone’s friend in Fort Lauderdale….not the best hook up), and 2 step-in groomsmen that were happy to go from audience to a more sophisticated stature. Things were coming together. Ring, Ring, I answer the phone and our Song Soloist for all the songs in the wedding had called to apologize. He had won a competition and in all the hype flown to New York that morning to sing in a show.

    ***Tomorrow had to be a better day, it was the wedding~!*** Off to sleep ZZzzzzzz

    It was the day of the wedding. I turned over a few times in bed and began to wonder to myself “Where is my purse?” “Where is my phone?”…I had them last night…

    Within the next four hours a great search was performed, high and low family searched for a missing purse, until the truth was revealed by a 6 year old who yelled out. “I saw a homeless man in the church last night”. The custodian played back a surveillance video to find just that. Yes, my purse was stolen by a homeless man from the church sanctuary during our rehearsal the previous evening. In the purse were all major cards, license, wedding make-up, wedding jewelry, and tape to hold up my dress.

    It was 4pm and the wedding would be at 6pm, and I was thinking really fast now, “OH NO, I can’t go on the honeymoon because I have no proof of a license to leave the country.” What was I going to do?

    Once my full wedding party and I were dressed with a beautiful dress that arrived that day and unfortunately was not the one I had previously picked out, but one good enough and beautiful enough to match… …we jump in the Hummer to catch the DMV before there close at 5:15, and not to mention we couldn’t miss the wedding scheduled for 6:00pm.

    Things were looking up, the DMV moved fast for me in a wedding dress, and 12 people in our wedding party who stood with me in line for support. Moments later an unforgettable license is made of me in my dress. I arrived to the wedding 10 minutes late; I was wearing a replaced dress that still didn’t fit, shiny borrowed jewelry, make-up from a friend, and I was holding a license that held a picture of me in a tiara, and my wedding dress. I looked over at our make-shift groomsmen and fill-in preacher who I had never met in my life, and smiled. The wedding Began. A Valentines to never forget. I mean who has a Homeless man try to wreck their wedding anyways?
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