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    Default 2nd Annual New England /Jamaica PAR TAA

    Join us for the 2nd Annual New England/Jamaica PAR TAA

    The date: March 20, 2010
    The place: Radisson Inn, Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts

    Come one come all to this gathering of die hard New England Coupleholics as we share our stories of our favorite Couples Resort, our great experiences and the unity of our Couples family.

    Need more information? Contact RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM

    Join us and let's make this even happen!


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    The one and only Randymon has promised!

    If you plan it I will come and YES I'll practice my mixology.

    and YES Randymon told me there will be some great giveaways at the partaa.

    So how about it folks!! Does that interest you?

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    Can't wait!!

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    Wish we lived closer

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    Now comes the biggie.

    It's time to commit yourselves to attending this event to make it happen.

    Dedicated to making this PAR TAA happen

    Jim & Jean......aka RDYJMJM
    Dave & Beth....aka DaveBeth
    Tom & Melody..aka DEET1114
    Kevin & Deb....aka KevPow
    Kim & John......aka John_NH
    Donna & Joe...aka Miss Kitty
    Mary & Dave...aka JAMERICANBLONDE

    This PAR TAA get together is for all of New England so if you are looking for a night out getaway and would like to share your love of Jamaica and Couples Resorts with family, JOIN US.

    Interested?? Drop me an email for full details.

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    This is sounding Better AND Better! Hmmmm
    Art xo Francine

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    We all had a great time last year and we are looking forward to March 2010!! I encourage any and all of you to join us. I am adding to the prize list myself. I have a surprise gift for the couple that has to travel the furthest within Massachusetts, as well as, a gift for the couple traveling furthest outside Mass. Come on folks. Prizes, surprises, a free night certificate, AND, (drum roll please) the man we all love but hardly ever get to see, Mr. Randy Russell. hell, I would travel to this par-taa from Zambowonka just to meet Randy.

    But don't come for the free stuff, come because you will have a great time.


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    Radisson Inn in Plymouth is a lovely hotel and Plymouth itself is very picturesque. Joe and I have travelled there for many years now...really looking forward to meeting Randymon and all of you New England Couplesholics!

    Donna and Joe
    aka Miss Kitty
    P.S. RDYJMJM (Jim), you're doing an awsome job! Please let me know how I can help.

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    Miss Kitty

    One of the reasons we selected and I say WE as it was by vote of those going that it be the Radisson, was the fact that all we had to do was show up and let the motel do the rest. Well almost!

    I am hoping that for the 2nd annual PAR TAA we have enough to get a banquet room. It would allow us more time as a group in one area.

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    We had so much fun last year. This year can only be better. Course the free night sweetens the pot. (already booked last years free night for this year!)

    Francine, it isn't that far of a drive for you! Come on up! Doesn't look like Tom and I see you this March would work for us!

    Richie, you are the best. I can only imagine what you are making for the gifts. Gonna make the rest of us jealous!

    Jim, as are a SWEETHEART! (and yes, I will tell Jean that I think you are)

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    Hi Melody,
    Just checked on mapquest - it's about 6 hours each way - kind of a long drive for one night....
    We'll have to see... would love to do it though...
    We'll see as the time gets closer...
    Say hi to Tom from us... Hope all is well..
    Art xo Francine

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    Drop me an email and I will put you on the info mailing. If we can get 10 couples interested in that extra day the group rate would apply. Right now we are just dealing with the one day.

    We can convert you into a Patriot Fan for one day and even teach you to say Baaston.

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    Hi Francine,
    Yes, 6 hours is a long drive. I am working on Tom to do 2 nights no matter what happens. He has already half agreed to it. So maybe if you did two nights it would make the trip worth it. Course the free night from Randy is almost too good to pass up!!
    Tom says "hi" back!
    Say "hi" to Art for us!

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    Distance between Boston, Massachusetts, United States and San Diego, California, United States, as the crow flies: 2582 miles (4155 km) (2243 nautical miles) Hummmmmmm! Could be a winner.... We'll have to see how we feel after going to New Zealand in February for two weeks.

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    You might have to stop in just to get a rum recharge!

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    The time is ticking by.

    I just got group rate information from the Radisson and group room rates are $102 per night. Up $2 from last year. The sooner I get 10 committed couples the sooner I can sign the contract and commit to this event.

    I'm presently negotiating to get a banquet room rate and info on a meal.

    Info email will be comming soon.

    Live in New England? Join us!!!

    2nd Annual New England/Jamaica PAR TAA
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    Come on you Coupleholics!

    I want to see the list of committed grow.


    Join us if you can for a evening getaway.

    Who knows what might be conjured up by the Randymon!

    Will he wear dreadlocks? Can he mix a drink?

    Join us and find out!

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    Where ARE all you New England Coupleholics???
    I KNOW we can do better than this!
    A weekend away from the kids and housework?
    Nice hotel and area?
    Get to meet some Coupleholics from the MB?
    Get to meet Randymon?
    Free night at Couples???
    COME ON, PEOPLE...this is too good to pass up.

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    We are in- just mailed you the commitment this am

    Dave Beth
    Dave & Beth Hay

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    Hi Dave and Beth
    It will be good to see you guys again!

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    The sooner we hit 10 committed the sooner Randymon can post it on the Message Board Calendar and the sooner we can move on with plans.

    Time will fly by so make your plans soon.

    I have a tentative agreement to have the Boardroom for our meal which we can have that evening from 6 PM until 11 pm. Then it's off to the bar for those left standing. The menu will be emailed out in the next info emailing so that more plans can be made.

    Interested in a evening getaway with a bunch of Coupleholics?

    Want the chance to meet the one and only Randymon?

    Join us for the :

    2nd Annual New England/Jamaica PAR TAA

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    Default Sounds fun

    Sounds fun!
    My husband and I are from NH.
    We just returned from CSS for our 1st anniversary and loved it!
    This party sounds wonderful!

    Kate and Alan

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    Join us and share your Coupleholic experience with fellow Coupleholics.

    Since we now have Hollywood East you never know who you might bump into. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are currently in town shooting a movie. We'll have our very own Randymon.

    So as Ernie Boch says
    "Come on down."

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    OK you Coupleholics time is ticking by.

    Do you remember our waitress last year?
    Attachment 1988

    Did she get married? Did she go to Couples for her honeymoon?

    You're going to have to attend to find out the answer.

    So join us for the:
    2nd Annual New England/Jamaica PAR TAA.
    March 20, 2010,
    Radisson Inn, Plymouth, Massachusetts

    If you're interested in attending drop RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM and email expressing interest.
    Last edited by RDYJMJM; January 13th, 2010 at 08:02 PM.

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    Don't remember her name!
    But there is our Princess Kim!!

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