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    Default Less than 200 days now!!!

    I'm getting excited!!! 199 days until CSS! Woo-Hoo!

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    how exciting!!! I'm still in the 500s

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    110 days for me before I am home in CSA

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    104 days till CSS...can't hardly stand the wait...we are Jamaica virgins.

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    362 days for us, roll on!

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    8/2 thru 8/6
    Can't wait to check out CSS!

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    67 days to go!!!!!! And we started at 730!!

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    Just hit 99!!! WOOHOO

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    Default In the 500's

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashntommy View Post
    how exciting!!! I'm still in the 500s
    Ashntommy, I hope you got on the installment plan. If not it's a great thing to look into. Our trip will be just about paid off come November. We had about the same wait as you. Down to 252 to go to CTI for trip #2. Where are you going to?

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    50 days remaining...CN awaits!

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