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Thread: CSA Dress Code

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkhiattky View Post
    Randi -

    Couples will BLOW the socks off of anything you've been to in Mexico!!
    Bkhiattky- with all due respect to the couples chain please remember that some folks want marble, fountains, over the top rooms, extensive pools 24/7 rooms service, 1000 count sheets . None of the couples properties can
    "compare" to the more recent mexico AI in theses areas. All the couples are wonderful but they are wonderful for different reasons. A little objectively goes a long way even for evangelists
    ps we have been to several mexican AI resorts that blew couples away from pillar to post but in the end it was still mexico...
    and for us JA first and foremost is a huge draw hence we return more often then not ...

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    Concerned about dress code and boyfriend....

    topsiders/docksiders, khakis and a collared shirt (Just like Gonegril said)is what he is bringing....

    but then I read that they need to be "dress shoes"

    So are topsiders/docksider/boat shoes acceptable or not at Feathers?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Boat shoes are absolutely fine for Feathers. That's what I have always wear. Enjoy!

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    "wing"tips are suitable for "Feathers"

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    Steverandlinda -
    Just my opinion

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