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    My soon to be husband and I will be at Couples Sans Souci in early June. We are very excited for our trip, but we are having some troubles figuring out what to pack. So we need to pack our own beach towels or does the resort provide that? What about electrical outlets? Will our electrical items (such as a curling iron/phone charger) work there or do we need a converter? Also what does it mean by resort chic? Like are we talking full out cocktail dress for me and a suit for him or is a nice sundress for me an khakis and a polo ok for him?

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    Towels are provided. If you are from the US or Canada you will not need any electical converter.

    As for 'resort chic' at the fancier restaurant options the khakis/shirt with a collar/close toed shoes for him are fine and you the ladies a sundress is never the wrong thing in Jamaica.

    As for you electrical stuff... it all will work but electricity in Jamaica is delivered at 50 hertz rather the the 60 hertz we are used to in the US and many other places. Things still work, but electric motors tend to run a little slower than they would at home. It is not noticable on some things, but some electric razors or hair dryers run noticably slower, but they do still work.

    Have a great trip!
    Roy in VA

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    Don't bring towels, a converter, a suit or a tie. He will need a pair of long pants, dress shoes (even boat shoes) and a shirt with a collar. You will see women in everything from full out cocktail dresses to sundresses to Capri’s at dinner. Here is what we typically wear to the “dress-up” restaurants:
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    Resort provides towels, save space. Electrical outlets same as US. No to suits, but long pants, golf/polo shirt or nice tropical shirt and closed toed shoes for the gourmet restaurant. Otherwise, nice dress shorts with short sleeve shirt for him, sundress, capris and nice top for you will work for dinner at the other restaurants.

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    Our first time to Jamaica and CSA and I am also wondering do we pack beach towels or use the ones at resort?

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    1) Beach towels are provided.
    2) Electrical outlets are the same as the US, no converter needed. But you might want to bring a power strip and/or extension cord since the sockets can be hidden and or not have enough where you want them. I did fine w/o as the bathroom had 2 which was good for my flat iron and blow dryer. I found 2 other sockets behind the dresser that I used for my iphone/ipad.
    3) Nice sundress for you and polo shirt/khakis for him are fine. Closed toe shoes for him. And dressier sandals for you.

    We went to CSS this past March for the first time (been to CSA and CN). We had a blast!
    Linda & Nick
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    Ism 1212

    Ok all good to know. One less thing to pack "no beach towels". I have already started a spreadsheet for packing; will add the extension cord/power strip to the list. Thanks for your reply

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