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    Default Any Fun Couple going April 10 -17th

    My wife and I will be at CSA anybody else.

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    my husband and I will be going April 11-16 at CSA! We are fun Check the meet-up posts too. Looks like there are lots of others there while we are. I can't wait!

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    we are going 11-19. Also check out the meet up thred on couples swept away team usa. Tons of people are going.

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    Sorry, my wife and I are going April 1 -9 so you'll have to carry on for us. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. Have a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Mac View Post
    My wife and I will be at CSA anybody else.
    My husband and I arrive at CSA on April 14th! We are from Ontario Canada and can't wait to leave this cold, dreary weather behind and soak up the rays! You will find us each afternoon at the swim up or beach bar! Would love to check out the Auro Lounge one evening and tear up the dance floor...always seems the night life depends on the crowd. You in?

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    We'll be at Couples during that 4/10 - 4/17 period too!!

    The only problems are we'll be at CTI, plus we're no fun.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Silly question since i am new to this. What is the meet up post?

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    Hey rjammin, I'll see ya there. CSA April 3 thru 9

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    CSA from April 6 thru 13. Hope to see you there.

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    Hey gopanthers, I'll see ya there!!! I'll be the one with the drink in hand! lol

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    While you are logged into the message board- look at the top. You will see tabs. One of which says "meet up at couples". You will primarily find posts about when people are staying at Couples. This way you can 'get to know' people ahead of time or make plans.

    By the way- anyone at CSA who wants to share a fishing charter any day 4-12 thru 4-14 Let me know!!!!

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    We will be at CTI from april 6-13 anyone else would love to meet others for drinks and laughs....Larry and Denise

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    My hubby and I would love to see some of you at the lounge

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    Default We will be @ CSA 4/8-4/19

    My husband and I will be making our 2nd trip to CSA this April. Can't wait.


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    We will be there April 13-18...Can't wait, it's our first time!

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    We will be there April 8-15. We plan to make two dives a day and enjoy the warm weather. It will be a welcome relief from the weather we have had in the midswest this year. We still have huge piles of snow. This will be our fourth visit to CSA!

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    Look for these two old guys at CN that week.

    You'll find them floating around somewhere enjoying themselves.
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