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    Default Phone calls from CSA

    Do international calling cards work in the rooms? Is there a way to call home that doesn't cost a fortune? We are leaving 2 kids behind and I need to be able to make a few calls home to check on them. Please let me know the cheapest way to call home. Thanks!

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    We got a magic jack for $20 before we left. If you are unfamiliar, magic jack plugs into a laptop USB and you make your calls directly over the internet. I had no problem connecting or staying connected during my phone calls. Magic Jack is very user friendly. We also got the headset to make hearing the other person a little easier. If you don't have a laptop to bring I don't see any reason why you couldn't use it in the computer area to make your calls.
    Also, you could try calling your cell provider to add international calls during your trip, another couple we met had done this and the calls were 50cents per minute.
    Hope I was able to help!

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    You can buy a calling card at gift shop,or I usually go across the road to the small shop and buy a card CSA phone accepts these cards.

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    The cheapest way for us was to use my cell phone. We have AT&T (iPhone) and it didn't cost us much at all. In fact, to receive calls or text did not cost anything additional, it was the same as our plan. To make calls or texts there was a charge but it was so minimal I didn't even notice it when the bill came. You might want to check out your cell phone provider.
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    When you arrive at CSA go to the Gift Shop and purchase a JusTalk phone card. We purchased a $10 card and got over an hour of long distance time. The resort charges a $2 connection fee for each call that will appear on your account at check out. We were able to call home to Canada with no difficulties with this card.

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    Ked23us -

    Great idea... but unfortunately, the USB ports on the PC's at the computer lab (at least at SweptAway) are not accessible.

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    Second, or third, on the phone cards in the gift shop. Very easy, quite inexpensive.

    Please remember, though, that you have to ask for them at the counter. They are not on display as they are preloaded. If you don't ask, you won't see them. The folks at the gift shop are very helpful and will explain how to use them even.

    On our first trip to CSA we left our kids with grandma. We had left the phone number from the web site to contact CSA in an emergency. Our youngest daughter, about 11 at the time found the number the first day we left and decided to call this place to check up on mom and dad. She placed the call, without any help. In fact grandma didn't even know she made the call till after we got back to the States. We had not even arrived at our room yet, but she had managed to leave a message for us to call when we got in.
    Don't worry about it. If they need you, they can get ahold of you. Enjoy your trip.

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