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    Does CTI have the Cat (Booze) cruise? We were at CN last year and did not get a chance to go. We were hoping to go at CTI this year.

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    Yes, cruises out into the ocean, then back to a quiet cove for some snorkeling.

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    Yes and it's different from the ones we've taken in Negril.
    The water is usually choppier so it can be a bit more exciting and we have had more fun with the Cool Jazz Crew, they are NOT as laid back as the others. You stop in a beautiful area to swim and snorkel.
    Also, you board the boat from the dock at CTI so you're not wading through water like in Negril.

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    Yes they do, they only resort that does not is CSS and that is because the reef.
    Irie Mon

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    We just returned from CTI,and they do have a catamaran cruise. The ocean was very rough the day we went so we were bused into Ocho Rios to board the catamaran. It was alot of fun! A must do!

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