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    Default Changes to CSA since April 2009?

    Have there been any significant changes to CSA since our last visit in April 2009? I thought I had heard at one point that changes were being made in the Palms restaurant area. We only have 15 days until we are "back home" to CSA and are so very excited!

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    There was remodeling done last October to the Palms. The most noticeable difference was they food bar. It was expanded do that there are more staff behind the bar to serve the guests. Philip has been planting trees along the beach. The grounds staff planted 9-12 palm trees the week we were there. CSA is as beautiful as ever.

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    I had heard (or read) that the work on The Palms was more of a facelift than a makeover. This is good!

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    the Palms remodel was more of a sprucing up. the buffet area was changed, new paint inside and out at the pool and different lighting in the seating area between the bar and pool. a nice new look for the area other than the cooking stations being mid buffet instead of at the end which can cause some congestion at that point.


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    Is Philip the older man that had/has cancer??? Is he back and OK???

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    Philip is fine. Yes he is the older gentlemen on the grounds crew. We looked him up at CSA during our last visit and gave him a gift and a hug. He is one of the nicest, most modest, people we have ever met.

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