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    Default TimAir - 1 way (CSA to MoBay)

    I have been following the posts about TimAir and am now considering booking the one way back to the airport since our American flight is at 1:35pm. I know we aren't going to want to leave so we are thinking of trying to maximize the time we have to spend on the beach during our last day.

    So, my question: what time would we need to depart the Negril airport to make our 1:35pm Montego Bay flight? If it makes a difference, our return is on Saturday, May 1st...


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    On a Saturday, you would want to get to MoBay a minimum of 2 hours ahead of time. We took Tim Air back from Negril earlier this month, and for a 3:30 flight out of Mobay, our TimAir flight left Negril at 1:00. That got us to the Sangster terminal right around 1:30 (you have to take a shuttle from the Tim Air terminal to the Sangster main terminal). Of course, this was on a Wednesday, not the busiest day at the airport.

    You will need to get to the Negril aerodrome about 15 minutes ahead of your flight to check-in and pay. And it's about a 5 minute cab ride from CSA. So, doing the math, you would probably need to leave CSA around 10:40. The Tim Air people will actually tell you what time your flight will be, though, and you will want to make your reservation ahead of time so that you don't have to wait for a plane.

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    "you would probably need to leave CSA around 10:40."

    So you would save about one hour....

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    We just booked out Timair flight from Negril to Mobay. Our flight leaves from Mobay on Friday April 9th at 4:55 PM. Timair emailed me that we will leave Negril at 2:00 and to be at the Negril Aerodrone at 1:45. That will get us to Sangster about 2 1/2 hours before our flight. I would rather leave at 2:30 but I guess we'll just do more duty free shopping.

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    How much is the fare?

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    Email Tim Air for a no obligation quote.

    Tim Air

    Fairs change with fuel prices.

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    Default Fare

    We were quoted $107 per person. That is one way only. If you want a private flight with just you and your partner it is $130 per person. I believe that both ways is around $240 per person.

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