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    Default Toiletries at CSS

    In all the reviews and threads I've read, I've never seen anything mentioned about toiletries, so I'm assuming they are fine. Should I count on the basics (shampoo, conditioner)? What about sunscreen?

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    They have aloe lotion, but you are on your own for sunscreen

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    Shampoo, Shower gel, Body lotion,and Aloe is provided. The resort does not provide sunscreen, and it is quite expensive at the gift shops, so be sure to bring plenty. I always bring my own toiletries. I like my own shampoo, and I must have conditioner, and after a day in the sun, I need lotion, the little bottles do not do it for me.

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    Last time we were at CSS (Sept 09), aloe, lotion, and shampoo....had been looking forward to the body wash as before, but there was none.
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