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Thread: may 7-14

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    Default may 7-14

    anyone going may 7-14?how is the weather there then?

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    Default May 2-16

    We will be there May 2nd to the 16th. We are so excited! We will be getting married on May 8th at 3:00 My name is Laura and my fiance is Bill

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    PERFECT!!! Widely scattered sunshine, warn tropical breezes with a slight possibility of a brief passing shower.
    And Laura, check out the May 2010 thread...there are a bunch of people that will be there when you are. Hope to meet you and Bill.

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    Default video

    Hey Laura,

    My wife and I are there May 4th -12th. If you need any video let me know. I work for a TV Station and I am bringing my camera.

    Robert and Nancy


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