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    You know when you think that you may be getting sick, but you aren't really sure. Mostly, you just don't want to believe it. I mean really, it's never a good time to be ill. So you keep avoiding all the pretty obvious sniffling, sneezing, ache all over stuff. As though, by not acknowledging them, not accepting that outcome, all the symptoms would disappear and you will very happily go on with your life. It's really amazing what we will tell ourselves just so that we don't have to "own it".

    Well, this latest piece of something that has me looking for answers to unasked questions, is surely not a cold or the flu or any other unpleasant occurrence that may be visited upon me. And that isn't just wishful thinking. No. This is different. This has me feeling as if I may have overlooked something. Forgotten something. There would be brief periods of 'zoning out'. I know what your thinking. Your thinking that's just an old CR. Well I thought so too at first. But the more of them I had, I realized that this was wonderfully different. Usually after a good CR, perhaps in a place without a lot of people around, you can really let it all just happen. No need to hold back anything. "I'll have what she's having" And when it's over, I usually feel invigorated, energized and fully recharged. Sometimes I want a cigarette too.

    This has been nagging at me for about a week and I just couldn't get a handle on it. Each time I thought that I had answers for my unusual behavior, my hopes were crashed onto chunky coral. I think that I was trying to hard to find some solution. Not that any of these random occurrences have been troublesome or difficult in any way. On the contrary. Whatever was taking place gave off very nice vibes. Calming. Soothing. Lasting less than a nano-second, this junior size jolt would come and go sometimes before I even knew it had been here. I was determined to bring in to focus this blurry vision that confronted me. I'm anal-compulsive. I need answers.
    And when I finally put all the pieces together, I felt like a complete "duh". It was right there on the calendar next to the computer. Big letters and exclamation marks and red circles around the date. "45 days. Pay final Couples bill".

    Well, that explains everything. I wonder how I could have missed all the bells and whistles. I may be due for a tune up.
    Well, regardless, at least now I understand what it is that had me off balance.

    The 45 day mark is like a sprint to the finish. Regardless of all the days or weeks or months you have been counting, this is the day that you have been keeping track of. Even though you may not have known this at the time you were x'ing out each 24 hour marker. The final payment day. This is indeed a milestone. It signifies, for all who reach this high water mark, that your financial obligations have been met. How ever difficult that was, you did it. You are really going to Couples.

    I read just today where Mzambo wrote about making that final deposit. Bruce was also preparing to do the same thing. I could tell that both of them were very pleased, relived, happy that they too were experiencing their own P.I.F. day. (paid in full)

    The final forty five. The promised land is almost in sight. The long arduous journey that each of us must travel will soon come to an end. And in that end, there will be a new beginning.

    A beginning where almost every single day starts with a glorious sunrise that continues on to become the heat of the day, then silently disappears into the darkening ocean. The bright warm glow of the diminishing afternoon, transforms itself. The bright moon replaces the sun. The stars replace the grains of sand on the beach. Around your face and arms you are ever so gently enveloped by unseen currents of a sultry Caribbean breeze.

    What ever the length of your stay at a Couples resort, it will not be long enough. Even if you come two, three, perhaps more times a year, your time will not be enough. It will always leave you wanting more. You will leave with a sense of wellbeing, fulfilment, completion, satisfaction. You may not have ever experienced anything quite like it. Anywhere. If this is your first visit to our family, I'll bet that by the end of the first day, both of you knew that this was going to be so more than "just another vacation". And you were not disappointed.

    Over the next few days and weeks I will begin to slowly morph in to the ever smiling, bald headed man who never wears foot gear. At least 98% of the time. This soon to be 70 year old visitor from another country is known as "Richiemon". he will also answer to "yo", "hey", "honey" or a cute wink from a naked guest.

    "Richiemon" begins to emerge slowly. People may begin to notice unusual or bizarre behavior. For instance. I may have a sudden urge to take off my shirt and spray some SPF 50 on my arms. The other day at the Stop & Shop deli counter, I asked them for some patties. Chicken or beef. I didn't care. The clerk just called out "next".
    Even though the temperature here is hovering around a very uncomfortable freezing degree, the sun was so bright and inviting looking, I took out the beach lounger, laid back, and popped a cold Red Stripe. As soon as I noticed that my fingers were beginning to change color, I found less severe surroundings.

    There will, no doubt, be other subtle changes occurring as well. I develop this little wry smile that sort of hangs there in the corner of my mouth. Often causing excessive drooling followed by very heavy panting. Just like a dog. It's a wonder I don't get locked up.

    So boys and girls. The merry-go-round has started. Please remain happy for the remainder of this ride. And don't forget to find all your luggage when you leave.

    The twinkling lights and the reggae music and the unquestionable excitement in the air, will culminate with another "I still can't believe it" ride of your life. And your life will never be the same again.

    The Final
    45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45
    45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45
    45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45
    45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45
    45 45 45 45 45


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    I LOVE RICHIEMON!!!!Can't wait to see you and MY GIRL SYL(with a flower tucked behind her ear)I was talking about you two last night.Telling my daughter yet another Jamaica story!!!She always looks like she wants to put a gun to her heat once Eric and I start talking Jamaica.But of course that doesn't stop us!!! was the Syl drifting out to sea story!You remember....SSB....Syl heading out to Cuba on a floatie??????That was a day beyond all days!!30 of us invading CSS and taking no prisoners....just turning them into more friends!!!

    Man I miss you guys!!!We are almost at the home stretch!!!43 days untilI see your face!!!WOO HOOO!!!Can't wait to see what new adventures CTI has in store for all of us this year!!

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    Great. Have a wonderful time. See you in Plymouth at the Par Taa, before you go.

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    We are really looking forward to the N.E. Par ta. There are more people comeing and we get to meet Randy. And the free day for next years travel won't hurt either.

    Plymouth Par ta in 21 I have more surprised in store.

    See you there


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