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    Default Should I Be Worried - Sorry Long Story

    I think I have a weird situation. Months ago, I booked a trip to CSA through a local travel agent. We booked a Garden Verandah Suite. Decided a couple of weeks ago to upgrade to an Oceanview Verandah Suite. Our travel agent gave us a quote that was very high and tells me the tour operator that we are booking through keeps coming up with the price. So I called Couples direct and got a decent price to upgrade and did so. I was told I'd get an email confirmation of the upgrade once the credit card transaction went through. I waited a few days and after not getting anything, I called Couples and I was told everything is upgraded, but they couldn't send me anything direct because they could only send it directly to the tour operator. Picked up my documents at the travel agent yesterday and it says Garden Verandah Suite. We call Couples together and are told the upgrade is in place, but they can't fax, email, send or do anything to confirm to us the upgrade. I'm nervous to head down to Jamaica (exactly 3 weeks from today) without some documentation and I'd hate to start my week off with a problem. Any suggestions?? I did print out a copy of my current transactions on the card that shows the charge from Couples for the upgrade, but that's all I got. Thanks for any help.

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    Don't worry about it it will be ok. If there is an issue just politely explain it at check in take what documentation you have with you and ususally they will accomodate you.

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    Don't worry, you should be all set. Just take what you have with you.

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    Do not worry, Couples has your upgrade and you can show you paid for it. The problem is that you are in a gray area between your travel agent and Couples. Couples sold the room to the agent that sold it to you. You upgraded direct at Couples, so your reservation at the travel agent is a Garden suite, at Couples it is the upgraded room.

    If the agent was a fair one they would have not tried to rip you off in the first place and you would have upgraded with them. Now they are playing games with you, because they will not print out the correct paper work that they do have.

    I think it is time to find a new agent or book direct with Couples the next time.
    Irie Mon

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    That CC charge should be evidence enough, I'd think... In our experience everything seems to work itself out at Couples withough a lot of follow through... If they were to tell me its all taken care of, that would be good enough for me...

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    I think it would be a good idea to "document" your conversations with Couples direct by writing down the name of the person you talked to and the date. This, along with the receipt showing payment made should take care of it.

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    Default Worries? No Worries Mon!

    If you cant get any documents from your tour company and agent, I would take a copy of the credit card statement showing the upgrade charge (assuming the charge has hit your card). We will be at CSA from March 14th to the 21st. We will have to take a look at your great digs at the Ocean View Veranda! You will love it, see you at "home".

    p.s. you might consider a different travel agent next time. I can refer you to a travel agent who has got Couples expertise.


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    no worries, Couples is very honorable. They told you twice that you were upgraded, you can count on it.

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    If you have the transaction from the credit card that sould be enough or call your TA and tell them to call and confirm about the upgrade. Tell them that you want an updated statement.

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    I would not be worried at all!! Couples resorts go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect. Just take your papers with you. After going there five times, I really have a trusting relationship with all the people there. They are as good as their word. Better!

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