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    Default CSS Feb 28-Mar 7/10

    Hi All,

    We're coming to CSS for our honeymoon and would love to hear from anyone else who will be there during our trip. We're pretty social, in our 30's and are looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying a week of fun in the sun!
    Hope to see some of you soon!


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    Hi Melissa,

    We'll be arriving at CSS on March 4th. We have never been to Jamaica, and are very excited to leave the snow behind. I'm in my 30's as well ... barely, but my poor husband turned the big "40" a few months ago. We are looking forward to meeting new people, and enjoying the sun and all of the activities.

    See you there, and congratulations!!!

    Joelle and Troy

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    Coming in from NJ on March 3rd. Hoping the weather doesnt delay anything!

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