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    I wanted to get feedback from anyone whos gone windsurfing. Is it for one or two people? Was it fun?

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    Can't say I've ever seen a windsurf board built for two...

    You know, in all our visits to JA, I can't say I've ever seen anyone actually get up on a board to do anything worth watching... But then again, there haven't been many days that are so windy that anyone could do any real tricks...

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    It's for one person - a surfboard with sail. I've seen a lot of people try it, but it looks really hard.

    Now, if you're thinking about sailing a Hobie Cat, those are for 1 or 2 people are are really fun! The watersports guys will give you a lesson.
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    One person. Can be a lot of fun if the wind is steady, the water relatively smooth and the jet skis stay their distance. Also more fun if you're good at it (I'm not, but the watersports staff will teach you patiently).

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    It was so hard for me. I tried until I wore myself out- then I went for a massage. Now my husband has much better balance than me and he got right up. Of course the wind took him out far and he couldn't figure out how to turn around. Haha..... I still laugh thinking about him paddling in pulling the board behind him.
    They have great watersports employees and you can take a lesson. They were very patient with me.

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