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    Going to CSS and want to go kayaking. Whos has done it? How was it? Do you go far?

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    Default kayaking

    we went to css feb 09 wow wot a place as you will see.
    as for kayaking i did it and the guy i would recomend is adrian on the water sports team he took me out a few times and that was it out all the time as for windsurfing i did not try that but lots of peaple did
    if you see adrian say hello to him from tattooman he will no who you mean. as i still keep intouch with him really nice guy
    here is a picture of me and adrian so you no who to look for youre going to love it cheers tattoman from england doncaster
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    Whenever you use Couples boating equipment, they ask that you stay within line of sight of the watersports hut.

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    It's fun. You can do it as often as you like from 9am-4pm, when watersports is open. You can paddle all around the bay and out to the reef, but not out of sight of the watersports guys.
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