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    Default Trips to Bob Marley's home

    What is the best trip to see Bob Marley's home place? I saw some were on regular buses and some were on party buses. How long does this trip take? Is the trip worth while? We will be at CTI and CSS in October. Frank

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    I went the last time I was in Jamaica. I was staying at the Holiday Inn SunSpree in Montego Bay (won' make that mistake again), and all I can say was that it was a $100 "taxi' trip, a white knuckle grip the entire way (my driver was an amateur racer...seriously), and that it took a large portion of the day. It is one of those places that is nice to say you have been, but not that big a deal to really go. Now I regress...I have been told that if I had of gone on a formal tour I would have seen if you do go I suggest it be with a formal operation who can tell the story and create the atmosphere you are looking for. My taxi didn't take me to the resting place...because at the time i didn't realize it was in the same area, and he was just trying to get me back to the hotel as quick as possible.

    If I was staying on that side of the island I would probably give it a second chance, but not from Negril.

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    My wife-to-be is excited about the shopping trip, that means I get to pick the BOB tour. I'm a fan. I Googled Jamaican Tourism, and foud several trips. I think Couples uses the same one that I was interested in. If you would like to join us, you would be more than welcome to. Regardless, have a GREAT time. Jonathan&Nikki (Martinsburg,WV)

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    We hire a driver and take about a half-day to experience the wonder of 9 mile.

    I'm not sure what relevance the above post from snib_rock has to what you'll be experiencing...
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    If it's meaningful to you to go, then GO. It's really a spiritual place and not somewhere just to "say you were there".
    We went from Negril with a private driver and had a wonderful day.
    But since you are already in Ochi, it's much closer. Try to arrange a private ride and visit some other sites while you're out. I would not go on a Party Bus or any bus for the reason that, once you arrive you will be in a big group. We had a private tour guide and were able to take our time going through the property. When we got to the Masoleum , we were alone - not being shuffled through.

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    We recently took the Chukka Tours Zion Bus and really enjoyed ourselves. It was extra special for us because we visited on Bob's birthday. We lingered at the back of the tour group so we were the very last ones to go in to the mausoleum, so we had a few moments alone with the man to pay our respects. Quite an experience. If you are a Bob Marley fan, you simply must go.

    The bus ride takes you up through scenic Fern Gully. It's not a ride for the faint of heart, but it's a fantastic trip. You stop at Bumper Lawn for a tasty lunch and a restroom break on the way. The entire trip lasted about 6 hours.

    If we went again, I might consider hiring a private driver but I think the Zion Bus is something that everyone should try once. It's a blast, the tour guides are great and the music is wonderful. It was a breeze to arrange the trip through the tour desk at CSS.

    Bring some small packs of M&Ms to toss up to the kids who'll sing to you from on top of the walls that surround the Nine Mile compund. I use a rubber band to attach a dollar bill to each one. Those little kids were much better singers than the reggae band that was playing inside, and about one hundred times more adorable.

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    The best way to go to Nine Mile the home and resting place of Bob Marley a private tour and I have the best guide of all for that tour and many more for all CTI and CSS people just email me for his info
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    Default Nine Mile

    We would also like to go to Nine Mile-Bob's home. We will be there July 11 through July 18th. We had heard that the roads were being worked on currently and that the ride would be about 4 hours to get there. Has anyone gone in the past month or so from Negril and do you know the condition of the construction. I had read on the message board recently that the construction has cleared up and travel times are almost back to normal.
    Teresa & Tom

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    My response doesn't have anything with to do with what he would be experiencing. The experience is up to the person going, and not for me to offer an opinion on. If a person is going just to say they went then it would not be that great, if you are fan of Bob or reggae in general on more than a "that music has a nice beat" level then one should probably go. I hope that he derives from my post not to pick a random taxi for the tour....make sure your guide comes recommended from at least one person, or they can ruin the experiance for you.

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